Weight reduction AND tasty recipes?

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Saba S.
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Hi everyone, I got my Nutriblast about a month ago, and initially I made the most delicious fruity smoothies but gained weight the first few weeks. I went to the weight loss recipes on this site (https://www.nutriliving.com/recipes) and got feedback from the nutritionist on facebook, and the veggie recipes don't taste so great and are hard to swallow literally, especially day in and day out. I have a sweet tooth and the fruity ones (strawberry, banana, grape, coconut water, almond milk) recipes taste the best but are not filling as a meal. Please advise about tasty delish recipes that can still help us lose weight and work as a meal supplement (filling)
You can choose some lower sugar fruit options like berries or 1/2 an apple to provide some sweetness. For weight loss try adding some protein-rich ingredients like hemp seeds or pumpkin seeds or protein powder as well. Have you seen our protein powder? https://www.nutriliving.com/shop/superfood-protein-boost Having more protein and healthy fats can help keep you feeling full and help blunt the release of sugar into your bloodstream. This might be a good one (I'd add in a serving of a protein) !https://www.nutriliving.com/recipes/avocado-banana-cayenne-blast I'd also make sure you are using unsweetened liquids like unsweet almond milk or water. Coconut water contains natural sugar - maybe use 1/2 coconut water and 1/2 regular water.
If it's the sweetness your after, I would try adding maybe (8-10 drops)of liquid stevia to your smoothie, it helps me able to stand the veggie/fruit combo much better. Liquid stevia is expensive but worth it. You can find it the cheapest on Amazon.