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The NUTRIBLAST is a nutrient-extracted drink designed to feed your system as many servings of easily absorbable fruits and vegetables as possible. All variations follow a very simple basic formula: 50% leafy greens, 50% fruit, and ¼ cup of seeds, nuts, or “super boosts.” Add enough water to cover ingredients, twist on the blade, and blend. The NUTRIBLAST makes an ideal breakfast beverage, but you can enjoy extracted nutrition any time of the day! You will be amazed by how energetic and healthy you feel from enjoying this satisfying raw NUTRITION-EXTRACTED goodness every day! Start with one NUTRIBLAST a day (see recipe suggestions on pages 44-51).
You must add liquid up to the Max line when blending with the Extractor Blade for proper extraction to achieve the best taste and texture results with your NUTRIBULLET and to prevent damage to the blade. Add enough liquid to cover ingredients, twist on the blade, and blend. A few of our favorite liquids are water, coconut water and unsweetened almond milk. We recommend using frozen fruits such as berries or bananas if you desire a frosty NUTRIBLAST.
As you begin to feel the amazing rewards that accompany a diet rich in NUTRITION-EXTRACTED foods, feel free to enjoy TWO NUTRIBLASTS a day. Boundless energy, restful sleep, mental clarity, and the overall feeling of well being that comes from true nourishment await! The more you blast, the better you’ll feel! Take a look on Nutribullet recipes .