Where is my stuff

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ordered items over a week ago and still do not have...........
I ordered some boosts on Jan.5 still haven't got them..i sent and email asking when I could expect and got a reply saying this site has no involvement in the orders
I ordered some cups over two weeks ago and my order status keeps saying processing. I finally emailed customer service and they said they are back ordered and I will get an email when they have been shipped.
This is my first and last time ordering from this company!!! If something is backordered wouldn't it be nice to notify the customer once they have placed the order?!?
I ordered at the end of December in 2015. Waited a month and cancelled my order. Was then told if I reordered it would be arriving within a week or two, so naturally I did. That was the middle of February. It is now two months later, and the only response I've gotten is that some of my items are in high demand. Gee thanks. Terrible customer service and even product.