Why do you have to replace a meal with a blast?

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I have been reading that combining the blast with other food is a no no to lose weight. Aren't you suppose to have a balance of meat and veggies at a meal? I have a small piece of chicken along with my blast which has more kale and spinach than fruit. Will I successfully lose weight this way and how many blasts should I have a day? How big? The small or tall cup? Thanks, Kristy
There are several options when it comes to weight loss. Most people find that replacing one meal with a NutriBlast helps them keep portions in check and not eat too much food. However, if you are choosing to make a NutriBlast that might be lacking in protein then you are more than welcome to add a side of an animal or plant-based protein. It's all about a healthy balance of nutrients and making sure you don't eat more calories than your body needs. It will depend on your personal nutritional needs and preferences. For an average sized person, aim for about 400-500 calories per meal for weight loss.