A Week of Mindful Eating...

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Roberta C.
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I'd reported last week that I had gained .8 pounds net during the period between Thanksgiving and New Year's. And I didn't deprive myself--mind you, I didn't go crazy, but I didn't restrict my choices beyond walking away after two chips with dip instead of twenty, and a little slice of pie rather than a hefty one with a scoop or two of ice cream. No deprivation, but no idiocy either, you know.


So, this week has seen my return to full mindfulness, as in keeping it as clean as possible in addition to walking away. The results? I am down 4.6. Yup. Good times.


So here's a thing: you know how they always say that you're just gonna gain after menopause? That it is unavoidable; you just have to work harder than before to minimize the damages? Well, for the four decades since I had my first child, I FOUGHT to lose weight. I lost and gained 47 pounds over and over and over, always with more piled on, until I weighed ...as much as two fat people (I am still so uncomfortable with THAT NUMBER, my high weight...).  I know A LOT about healthy eating, because I read and practiced and worked it for DECADES, to no effect.


This almost 100 pounds I have lost in the last 17 months? Each pound of it has gone SINCE my last period. I believe my body was a fat holding, making machine against the possibility that I would be needing to nurture a baby, and that finally it has stopped conserving against that possibility...Research says??  I just know that everything I have known and practiced forEVER is finally "working".

BobbieAnne so glad to here you have picked right back up where left off and have even lost more weight. Congratulations!! You are a great example! Keep it up!! Healthy wishes Wally Bishop C.N.C.
Thank you, Wally. Seriously, do you have any insight on why I am having an anomalous response? Losing weight with wonderful ease poist-menopause rather than gaining it?