After Halloween and upcoming holidays

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Jay C.
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Believe it or not, I indulged numerously over the Halloween holiday and haven't paid attention to what I have been eating and skipped a few blasts and need to get back on track otherwise I'm fearful of gaining back some of the 20 pounds I lost over the last 6 months.  Does anyone have any tips because it will be challenging over the next two months with the Thanksgiving thru New Year's holidays.  Oy vey!

During summer I wouldn't work out because of the extreme heat, and now that it's starting to get cold, I get home from work and just want to cuddle up with some hot chocolate! There's always an excuse to ignore health and fitness and I'm sick of it! I wish I had more will power. I have seen sooooome results (my legs/quads are definitely stronger than they used to be!) so I see those differences and those motivate me to keep going. It's like a mental before/after picture. When I'm starting to feel like skipping out on a workout, I think of the body I used to have and it keeps me going! :)
While it is not food related, never underestimate the power of SLEEP and Stress Management! Lack of sleep and stress both disrupt our hormones which can cause metabolic changes as well as spike hunger. Remember to take care of yourself so you are at your best when visiting with friends and family this holiday season. Check out the articles on Insomnia and Stress for some great ideas! And of course, keep blasting to give you the energy to make it into the new year. When your body is nourished with healthy foods, you tend to crave the sweet stuff less often.
Halloween CandyThis is the hardest time of year for me too. Everywhere I go there's candy or some sort of fresh baked cookies/ cakes. This is a terrible time of year to try to diet. I feel like I'm depriving myself. My solution is to eat smaller portions. One cookie taste just as good as four. Also, I go to the gym. It helps alleviate the guilt.
I agree Kim, this is the most difficult time of year to "diet". I usually suggest a goal of weight maintenance around the holidays. Before anyone can lose weight, we must learn how to stop gaining! Another little trick I say is to allow yourself treats you can't get any other time of the year so you don't feel deprived. For example, a family member bakes their signature rhubarb pie that you only taste one time each year...grab a SMALL slice! But if your co-worker brings in oatmeal cookies - SKIP IT - you can have oatmeal cookies anytime, no need to use up your "special treat budget" on those :)
A little trick I use is the New Year's Eve dress. Buy a dress or outfit that you don't want to "outgrow" during the holidays - Thanksgiving time is best for purchasing. Then every time you are tempted by a holiday dessert or food, think about the dress and how you are going to look in it on New Years Eve if you eat the offending food. It often keeps me in check. :)
Love it!
HydrationDon't overlook water intake! Often when we are dehydrated our bodies send us a false "hunger" signal rather than a "thirst" signal. People often don't drink enough fluids during the holidays because we are so busy and we don't think about it as much as when we are sitting at a desk all day! Studies show that individuals who stay fully hydrated throughout that day tend to be more successful maintaining a healthy weight, and avoid weight fluctuations.
Ways to avoid overeating during the holidaysJay, I find that if I eat something healthy before I go to holiday events I am not as likely to indulge my self too much. This eliminates the hunger that sucks the will power right out of us! I definitely have to do this when I go to our family Thanksgiving dinner at Moms's. She bakes pies, cakes, macaroni and cheese, and so much more. Of course, we also contribute in a healthy way by bringing healthier foods. This empowers you to make smarter choices and have control. If you have a chance to have input on what is served at the holiday events you can make sure healthier choices are available for everyone. Just remember weight is controlled by calorie intake, our health by the foods we eat and our fitness by how much we exercise. Wally Bishop C.N.C.
During the holidays I'm always in charge of the "green dish" which is my favorite. I love how it is so versatile and can be changed up to make more exciting than a traditional green bean casserole (who really likes that anyway)! When I pile my greens on my plate and eat it first, it fills my stomach so there is less room for heavier and sweeter foods.
Full Disclosure -So I pigged out a bit in Hawaii and for the days surrounding my birthday...but I'm getting back on the healthy eating train today and did Pilates. Game on until Christmas, gulp. Wally, do you think it's okay to be "bad" here and there as long as you get right back to it after your vacation or on a holiday? :)
Elynn, yes it is OK to indulge occasionally. I like the 80/20 or 90/10 rule. Eat healthy 80 to 90 percent of the time and you can indulge the other times and still reach your health goals. Indulging gives us the necessary freedom to not feel deprived. It also allows us to really enjoy a great tasting treat every now and then. This way you are never off track. You are allowed those treats. This is part of staying fit and healthy forever. If you take say a week off it is very hard on the body and it is very hard to get back into the healthy habit again. A healthy lifestyle has room for unhealthy foods occasionally! Have that one meal or snack and the next meal or snack make it a healthy choice. Healthy Holidays Wally