Allergic to Bananas, Avacado, and Kiwi...substitutes?

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Connie P.
Joined: 1/11/2013

I just got my Nutibullet today and see that all the receipes contain banana, avacado or kiwi.  I haven't been able to eat these fruits in recent years...apparently a sensitivity that I've developed.  Does anyone have suggestions for substitutes?  I enjoyed my first NutriBlast, but it's missing what a banana would bring to the mix. 

For creaminess to replace banana, I'd try some raw soaked cashews, oats, or nut butter. Almond milk is a good addition too. Banana helps cover up some bitterness - add in lemon or cinnamon if this is the issue you have. For kiwi, use any other citrus to supply the vitamin C and potassium. Healthy fats in avocado can be found in walnuts, olive oil, nuts and/or seeds.
Thanks Krista, that's very helpful information. I just picked up some Almond milk and Coconut milk to try, and will definitely stock up on cashews...that sounds yummy. Good idea to try lemon or cinnamon for flavor correcting. I haven't used any citrus in the blasts yet, but I have some Clementines that I'm going to try tomorrow. I'm excited to experiment!
Great suggestions Krista! Love it! :)
I just tried figs this week. One fig per blast adds a great sweetness and a lot of flavor.
I agree. Adding figs into a blast is a great way to add sweetness and a lot of fiber!