Almond Milk / almond butter

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Christa S.
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I keep seeing recipes featuring almond milk and almond butter, with people referencing making to homemade. Can this be made using the NutriBlast and if so, what is the recipe?

Here are several milk alternative recipes including almond milk! For almond butter: There are a few ways to do this. 1) Use the milling blade to turn the raw almonds into a powder, then put a little bit of almond oil into the cup with the milled almonds and use the extractor blade to turn into a butter. It might require some stopping and side scraping, but you'll get it to the right consistency! 2) You can go straight for the extraction blade and pulse the almonds in there, stopping and scraping the sides as needed. A touch of almond oil may be need here too - feel free to use another oil you have on had - extra virgin olive oil or melted cold pressed coconut might work too.