Almond Milk Recipe

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Cindy C.
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I thought a saw a recipe to make almond milk yourself and now I cannot find it.  I did make almond milk this morning by soaking raw almonds overnight and just blasting them with the water I used to soak them in.  Is this correct or is there a different recipe out there?

Here's the recipe you may have seen in addition to a few other milk alternative recipes! After soaking the almonds, you'll want to discard the "soak water" and use filtered water to Blast them with. Then you'll want to strain the pulp and maybe add a bit of sweetener. The recipe outlines the process. Enjoy :)
Hi Krista , I just receivedHi Krista , I just received my nutribullet this week and I love all the recipes! My question is I cannot eat nuts and have noticed many recipes call for almond milk , what can I use in place of almond milk without using traditional milk if I want it to be a little creamier than I would get with water? Thank you! Tami