an idea for a new machine

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Matt T.
Joined: 3/30/2014

I recently purchased my Nutribullet 900 from HSN and absolutelty love it.  I have 1 suggestion tho, I would love to see the Nuttribullet team make a machine that can mae substitute pasta out of things like carrots, zuchinni, cucumbers and potatos, and use the whole fruit or vegtable. I bought a device the other night at Wal Mart.  it works great for the most part, but, it doesn't do the whole food of what I'm converting.  Also, even tho it does carrots, it's really hard. I'm really hoping the Nutribullet team designs something that can do this sometime.


Hi Matt, Your opinions areHi Matt, Your opinions are very important to us. NutriBullet welcomes all customer feedback and will appropriately forward to our Marketing Department.