Another Newbie - what a Blast!

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Jim G.
Joined: 3/30/2014

 Soooooo  excited! 

I went out to get a Nutribullet yesterday afternoon.  Wanted a blue one, but the 900 was sitting there, and decided to go with that instead.  What a great deal and a great package! 

I have all kinds of health issues. The big issue is MS, which I have had for about 13 years now.  With the exception of the first couple of years (when docs were pushing meds) and the last 2 years (extremes in temps), I have not had many major issues with the MS. 

I DO know that the proper diet and exercise are key in maintaining ultimate health.  I do not like pills, and won't even take an aspirin.  Have tried diets in the past, and health food "fads".  I went through two juicers.  What a mess. I quit with the juicers because it was too much prep/cleaning time, and so much of the food was wasted.

The Nutribullet 900 is amazing!  No waste whatsoever. Very easy clean-up!   I had my first Blast and my last cigarette last evening. No nicotine cravings today at all!  No withdrawal symptoms (odd).  I had planned to exercise today - and really had the energy. But between the forums here and the YouTube vids and all of the other Nutribullet info online, I pretty much sat in front of the computer.   But I'm headed to the gym at 6 a.m. tomorrow. 

I am so happy to have made this investment.  Some people believe that the Nutribullet is too expensive. But it's much cheaper than doctor bills.   I intend to have a great success story to share soon!  



What an exciting introduction. So good to hear you've given up smoking and are taking control of your health! We are here for you along the way so let us know if you have any questions or if you just feel like sharing your progress :)