any good celery recipes you can share?

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kiran p.
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hi all

I have started the nutribullet recently and its been a great transformation. however, i came across only few recipes that have celery in them  and most of them one or two sticks not the whole stalk. i would like to eat more of this  and was wondering if you have any tasty recipes for recipes that has good amount of celery in it.

Thanks a bunch for in advance for sharing!


The issue with celery is that when you add too much it overpowers the taste of the other fruits and veggies and it has somewhat of a salty taste to it. However, if you love the taste of celery then that might not matter. Here are a couple recipes: (uses 1 stalk) (uses 3 stalks!) Type in "celery" in the home search bar and you'll see other recipes on NutriLiving that contain celery. Happy Blasting :)