Any warm blast ideas?

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June K.
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Hi I am a truck driver and my husband and I are heading up to a mine in the Yukon in Canada.  Temps are going to be pretty darn cold like 20 to 30 degrees below 0. Do any of you have any suggestions for a nice warm nutriblast? 

Thanks June from Florida :-)

What about doing a V-8 like NutriBlast and then heating it up to taste like tomato/vegetable soup? Maybe tomato, celery, onion, carrot, kale and parsley, ginger or turmeric (two warming spices!) with water or vegetable broth?
Thanks Krista that does sound pretty good. My husband and I will give that one a try.
I think a pumpkin, squash, or broccoli soup made in the Nutribullet would be delicious!
That sounds tasty and healthy!
We have a squash and a broccoli soup recipes here: Although they do require cooking...but they are delicious. The butternut squash/sage soup is amazingly tasty :)
YUM! This is on my list of recipes to try.
The other day I came home from work freezing, so instead of making my usual frozen fruit and veggie blast I mixed up the following to make a very quick home made soup. It was delish! - about 1/2 cup of salsa I made (that no one ate because there was too much garlic :) - handful of spinach - some carrots, broccoli, and cucumber pieces from a leftover veggie tray - water Another plus is that it cleaned out my leftovers nicely. :)
do i need to cook any of these vegetables first.
I made one of these yesterday....pretty good too! Here's my exact combo: 1/2 spring mix greens, 2 Roma tomatoes, garlic, chia, 1/4 yellow pepper, lots oregano, thyme, turmeric, and black pepper. I used half tomato juice and half water, blasted, then heated. It was spicy (yay) which I have found makes it very palatable. I have tried using solely tomato juice, but it is too thick and goop-ey; 1/2 water is perfect. Someone on an earlier post mentioned using salsa - what a great idea - I'll try that next. It's very cold and WINDY here in the midwest and I so look forward to something HOT.
Those veggies can be eaten raw or cooked. It may be tastier served as a warm soup so you could blast them raw and then heat up the NutriBlast for a warm soup!