Anyone ever used pomegranate seeds?

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Rosemary R.
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Hello all, just got our NutriBullet a week ago, have been using it every morning for breakfast, and LOVING it!

Question: has anyone tried pomegranate seeds? I wasn't sure if they would stain the plastic or not, so I haven't given it a try. If you've done it successfully, or have a recipe including pomegranate seeds, I'd appreciate the input!



I've used them and never had a problem. Sooo delicious!
Thanks! Tried them out with 50% spinach orange banana pineapple pomegranate seeds frozen blend (peach-strawberry-banana) almonds Really yummy!
Excellent to hear! I was waiting for your response here because I bought a pomengranate yesterday. I think I'll try spinach, pear, almonds and pomengranate today, Thank you!
I haven't used them before! I normally like eating them. Maybe I should think about adding them to a future blast to see how it makes it better!?
Definitely used them without issues before, so juicy and sweet! I Blasted 2 handfuls of spinach, 1 kiwi, 1/2 orange, 1 handful pom seeds, and 1 handful almonds. Yummy and tropical tasting. I have a pom at home that I might crack open tonight.. :)
My Blast yesterday afternoon was: Handful of Spinach 1 Pear 1 Tbsp Goji Berries 1 Kiwi 1/2 Pom seeds 2 ice cubes Water to Max Line Boy was it good! I am imagining different Teas with this one..
Thanks for asking the question! I was wondering the same thing and I'm glad no one has had issues yet. I've used pom seeds in my mother's blender for smoothies and now I'm excited to use them in the NutriBullet!
That sounds so good Laura! Hmm maybe have to try that recipe soon!
I haven't found anything that has stained the NutriBullet plastic. Not even beets. So i'm sure pomegranate seeds will do just fine. = )
That sounds delicious. Thanks! Do I have to wear a loud floral-print shirt when I drink this? Or better yet, be lolling on a Hawaiian beach? well, I can dream, can't I?
I've used them and found that they break down nicely and do not stain. I am trying to steer clear of too many sugary fruits, but they do go well with pineapples. I also throw in spinach, aloe vera, chia seeds, half a lemon (peeled), celery, cucumber, and either banana or avocado for some thickness. I've loved reading everyone else's recipes!
Yes! It will definitely give them a nice little "sweet" boost!
I agree! I haven't had any problems with a "staining" problem either!