Are there any bad combinations?

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Cindy M.
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I usually try to cram everything in each blast hoping for the biggest health benefit all at once but I am wondering if some things contradict each other. Should you put almonds, walnuts, flax seed, chia seed, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, etc all in one smoothie? Are there certain ones that compliment each other? How about fruits? I have read that citrus combines well with berries but should not combine with banana, grapes, mango, fig, dates. And that melon should not combine with anything! Any advice welcome.

First check out #6 on our FAQ page. You can combine fruits with veggies - as long as this doesn't cause any discomfort for you. As for the "bad combinations" - this is completely up to you as everyones taste buds are different. Here are my two cents on a few foods... 1) Avocados are great if you like very creamy NutriBlasts 2) Bananas and berries work in just about every one 3) For the seeds - I'd switch it up every now and then. While they do have their own unique profile, they also have some overlapping nutrients. Choose one or two for each Blast. 4) Celery lends a somewhat "salty" taste 5) Too many "watery foods" such as melon, citrus, cucumber, combined with the leafy greens might make the NB "foamy" - choose one of these if using them. 6) Spinach, Romaine lettuce, and Kale are probably the easiest greens to mask - least bitter - I'd avoid arugula - I've never had a good NB with this green 7) Dried figs and dates make good sweeteners. 8) Beets overpower anything else you put in there 9) cinnamon is a great sweetener and can help make a bad tasting NB, taste good! 10) Dont' add too many powders as this makes it taste grainy 11) Rolled or cooked oats and cooked quinoa thicken it up and add more bulk to make it meal-like 12) Broccoli is good, but alters the taste fo the NB and is hard to mask. Experiment with this one. Hope that provides some insight to get you started!
Oats??? I never would have guessed! Should I just toss 1/4 cup or so into the Blast? I would love to incorporate that kind of fiber. I have quit eating gluten for 3-4 months now (at least 95% quit) and kind of would like more fiber from grains. Actually, one reason I hesitated not a millisecond before purchasing the NutriBullet was the LARGE AMOUNT of servings of fibrous vegetables and fruits I could effortlessly consume daily.
I use old fashioned oats (organic if I can) on my breakfast blasts. I use 1/4 to 1/2 cup depending on the calories I need for the day. I don't cook it, I just take the oats and whatever nut/seed I'm using and mill in a small cup before adding it to the large cup for the blast. You can also soak the oats overnight. I also add cooked quinoa & cooked chickpeas to my lunch blasts :)
Great! Thanks so much!
OK, so here's my question. I've been looking at lables on foods, such as the walnuts, flax seeds and stuff. I want to add sunflower seeds, do I get the ones without the shell? there seems to be no nutrition in the ones without. But I was wondering how the shells would do in the NB? Thanks
There are loads of nutrients in the sunflower seed (no shell!)... I'd buy the ones that are already out of the shell and toss them in as is.
I add broccoli on a regular basis. I think if you add a T of vanilla yogurt and some pineapple juice it does a super job of masking the taste. I also add items like peanut butter and almond milk to my greens. Whatever's on hand.
When you add quinoa to your NB what else do you put in? And the end result is smooth? No little chunks?
I have never made a "bad" combination yet! I think with trial and error you figure out what works best for you! Don't be afraid to experiment! :)
Hi Krista, Let me ask you this, I want to do vegetables recipes, But i found that you should not eat raw vegetables that they slow down your Thyorid, should i cook the vegetables first, Thanks Ray.
Hey Ray. I answered this question of yours in the previous post. Do you have a thyroid imbalance currently? For those with a healthy thyroid, leafy greens are perfectly safe! For thyroid conditions it is important to avoid foods high in goitrogens. Some of these include broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts, turnips, soy, millet, and peanuts. I would recommend she include foods high in iodine such as blue-green algae and seaweed. You can find these in powder or liquid form in some health food stores. It's better to stick to more fruits, but not to overdo it with high sugar fruits since a sluggish thyroid also makes weight management more difficult. Substititions for cruciferious vegetables could be: celery, celery leaves, beetroot, beetroot leaves, romaine lettuce, zucchini, cucumber, grapefruit, lemon, limes, orange and watermelon to name a few. Try this recipe: 1 Apple ½ cup Pineapple ½ Beetroot with tops 2 Stalks Celery 1 Carrot
I cant find butterhead lettuce for the female hormone balance drink. is there something else to use and would it have the same effect in the drink? Also I want to use the Diabetes recopies can 2 different drinks be used in the same day ?
I just replied to this post you left on our facebook page! Here's what I wrote... Let's see if we can get these Qs answered! 1) There are multiple foods that help with hormone balance so you will see various recipes that may provide the same benefits. Check out our new members-only website for more recipes, articles, and healing foods that help balance hormones: 2) Timing varies for each individual and also depends on other lifestyle habits as well as what type of imbalance you are experiencing. 3) Yes, you may also use the diabetes-friendly NutriBlast recipes at the same time! Some of them may even overlap to fit multiple needs. 4) Yes, you can have more than one drink in a day - some people use them as meal replacements and others use them as snacks in addition to regular meals. 5) Feel free to sub any other leafy green or ingredient for another - don't have butterhead? - try kale or spinach...don't have broccoli? - try cauliflower or asparagus. You will find the benefits of these foods in our healing foods section right here on