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Tera F.
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I was wondering if there is a way I can find out the best smoothie to make based on the ingredients that I have. I'm not sure if there is something that lets me check off the ingredients I have and I can get a couple ideas for a smoothie based on the ingredients. It can show me how much of each to use. 

Well, I've found it's really a matter of taste. That the beautiful thing about all of this -- make what you enjoy, keeping in mind some of the guidelines that the dietitians suggest: *More veggies than fruit: 70-80% veggies to fruit, if you can tolerate it. If you can't, slowly increase your veggies to fruit ratio. *Start off with less-strong tasting veggies/greens. For example, I enjoy the mellow, green taste of spinach much more than the sharper taste of kale. But since I know kale has many nutrients in it, and the importance of rotating your greens (see the Article describing this), I try to use whatever greens I have on hand. I've found the lettuces (romaine, red leaf, butter) taste very little, so they're good if you don't like veggie tasting smoothies. *If you're focusing on losing weight, try to stick to low glycemic fruits & veggies. Berries, pears, green apples, etc. Search for low glycemic & you'll find a whole list of recommendations. *I try to be mindful of what I think will go well together, i.e. I don't think kale & almond milk go well together. Some other folks like that combination. Try experimenting in your Small Cup so you're not committed to 24 oz of a drink you don't like. *If you like a combination of things, keep using it. For instance, I enjoy cucumber with melons -- I feel that it heightens the flavors of both. *I always add nuts & seeds to my smoothies. I love them & know that they add a lot of nutrients and useful oils. But be mindful -- adding too much isn't good either! Nuts & seeds are nutrient dense, so I'd be careful of adding more than 1/4 cup. I've learned a lot from the forums, reading other people's posts and especially the Ask the Dietitian section. *If you don't like a smoothie you've made, don't give up. Try to add more ingredients that you know you enjoy and keep trying different combinations of things that you have lying around. I have a lot of fresh veggies & fruits from my biweekly CSA delivery, so I'm constantly trying new combinations.
yassis, what a great knowledge packed post! i'm still working on putting in greens/veggies in the AM shake - that's more a mindset than anything else1 kale for breakfast?? LOL
Tess B wrote: yassis, what a great knowledge packed post! i'm still working on putting in greens/veggies in the AM shake - that's more a mindset than anything else1 kale for breakfast?? LOL
You hit the nail on the head! It's a mindset thing :-) Seriously, this whole "kale" thing is out of control. I don't love it and probably never will. But, I've definitely gotten to an ok place with it. When I am using kale as my green base, I try to be extra mindful of adding other ingredients that will outshine the flavor of the kale -- melon, lemon, ginger, coconut water with pulp gives the smoothies are really nice flavor -- I think it enhances any natural sweetness. Also, I prefer to take my ever-present-in-CSA-box kale, prep it really well & freeze it, already chopped up and ready to go. That way I have less of an excuse not to use it. Also, there are some great info graphics on either this site or the nutribullet blog that compare and contrast kale/spinach & flax/chia seeds. Useful info. Kale is not *that much* more nutritious than spinach, which also has a ton of fabulous nutrients. Definitely search for "the importance of rotating your greens" -- that's a great article and encourages you to consider veggies that you might not have thought of before... More importantly though, if you don't like something, don't force yourself to use it. I make a smoothie every morning for breakfast -- because I made smoothies that I really really liked and started the habit that way. High glycemic veggies, like beets and carrots, make the smoothies sweeter too -- just be mindful of adding too much. Some people prefer them cooked; then they're even sweeter. When I use the higher glycemic veggies, I always add rolled oats (3 Tbls max) and/or chia seeds -- this helps counter the high glycemic effect and keeps me full all morning. Thanks for the compliment -- I love reading about nutrition and hope that all this knowledge will help me permanently change my food choices in a good way :-)
Lots of great info there Yasiss! Healthy Wishes Wally