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Sherry P.
Joined: 7/22/2013

  I read my favorite NutriBullet Natural Healing Foods...I couldn't find COCONUT WATER here and looked up the websites but in didn't have it.  HELP!!!!


  I bought David Wolfe's books: Eaiting for Beauty, The SUNFOOD DIET SUCCESS SYSTEM, Superfoods, AMAZING GRACE, NAKED chocolate, and Chaga...  My Gosh!  I love to read and study everything from David Wolfe,  Thank you!!!

  I  have not start yet and I am still recheck, recheck, recheck to make sure that I have everything on the list.

  I need to know that I can start on SUPER CLEANSE DAILY PLAN for 7 days for a whole month.  Because I take too many medicines for SEVERE TINNITUS, DEPRESSION, NO SLEEP, WORSE MENOPAUSE SINCE 50 YRS OLD, ETC for a long long time since I was 25 years old.  I am weaning lots of medicines to now just sleep and depression but I really really want to stop all of them so I can get Raw Superfoods.

  I hope that David Wolfe's DVDs does have English Subtitles for the Deaf....

  God Bless,

  Sherry Price



Please consult with your Dr to discuss any dietary changes and make sure they are appropriate for you and if there are any foods to avoid that may interact w/ your medications. The Super Cleanse is not designed to be a long term diet. It is low in calories and will not supply all of the recommended nutrients one needs for long term. It should only be consumed as designed or if longer, under supervision of your healthcare provider. You can find coconut water in most grocery stores these days. Look to make sure it has no added sugar. It should only have coconut water in the ingredient list.
Glad you are here Sherry!