Bigger Tummy?

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Connie B.
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Is it normal when you start using the NutriBullet that your belly looks / feels bloaty ... is it adjusting to all the nutrients and fiber?  

Hi CBussey64 I think it takesHi CBussey64 I think it takes time for your body to adjust to any new way of eating and you do get a little bit 'windy', for want of a better word, in the beginning. Your body is having nutrients and fibre that it hasn't probably had in a long time, hopefully it will sort itself out. Are you having your snacks inbetween too, they will help with any hunger pangs you may have between meals. Hope it sorts itself out.
CBussey64, If you have beenCBussey64, If you have been eating the typical American diet which is lacking fiber then you may have some bloating until your digestive system gets use to the the increase in fiber from the vegetables and fruits in you blast. Also making blast or smoothies that are mostly fruits(which most people do) will also cause more gas and bloating. Too much fructose (a type of sugar in fruits) can cause gas and even lose bowel movements. Let us know how you are doing, OK? Healthy Wishes Wally Bishop C.N.C.
Actually feeling better ... I was doing a blast in morning and lunch and having a lara bar in between then dinner but I'd get home from work and eat and eat and eat and eat so switched to a morning blast, lara bar, lunch at work and IF hungry a blast at night .... and less hungry actually ... just feeling bloated and my upper abdomen LOOKS bloated but it's going down ... and I do have diverticulosis and NEED this fiber, but I love it soooo much. Everyone at work loves the nutri bullet but told them they can't use it without instruction so they don't make it leak. I have yet to have a problem with it and LOVE LOVE LOVE my nutribullet ... I have a vitamix I use at home.
You can still Blast and not get bloated! Check out some tips here. Over time your body may adjust, but in the meantime, these may help :)
Great info thanks Krista! Wally