Black Dust and Black Liquid From Rubber Cog?

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Annette R.
Joined: 4/11/2013

I was really hoping that I would not envisage any of the problems already discussed on this forum relating to Black Dust and Liquid from the blade unit, after all I clean it straight away and run a very soft cloth underneath the blades to dry everything and then leave the blade unit to finish off air drying before attaching the cup again.

I have been noticing over the last couple of days a ring of Black Dust on the wall that surrounds the Rubber Cog underneath the blade unit and have wiped it away with paper towel, this has happened a few times.  This morning I have just made a Blast and upon turning the cup upside down to remove the blade, this Black Dust has now turned into a Black Liquid, which leads me to believe that the liquid from the cup is leaking through the base of the Blade onto the Rubber Cog!!!  I am loathe to now drink my Blast for fear that it contains something other than what I have put into it.


My fear is that I am now stuck with a NutriBullet that I can no longer use, because:


'NutriBullet have stated to me via email that they DO NOT ship outside of USA and Canada'!  They did suggest that I phone them if I needed more information, but what is the point after that statement?


If the units are being sold in the UK by' Authorised' NutriBullet retailers (which is what they are stating to be) who have all the NutriBullet advertising banners in the background, then there should be a NutriBullet company set up over here to deal with UK issues.   


To say that I am disappointed is an understatement as I feel that I have paid a great deal of money for something with no redress should it go wrong and I may as well have flushed my money down the toilet, especially now that I have just bought a number of products to go into my Blasts! 





I too am noticing black dust and gunk...what is up with this?
Call Customer Service at 855-346-8874. They can help you figure this out. They're open everyday from 9-8pm EST.
After speaking to an actual human being at Customer Service, a new blade is headed my way. Very nice! I was so worried that I would be sans use of my NB for even a few days 8-(. I couldn't give more positive accolades to NB's Customer Service!