Blasted Off a Week Ago and Have yet to Land

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Roberta C.
Joined: 8/23/2013

I am new to this site and to extracting fruits and veg to promote health and vibrancy in my life.  Made my first kale-apple-pineapple-banana-almond smoothie a week ago today, and have enjoyed each one since.  I have always enjoyed fruits and veg, but in the last few years have somehow been eating fewer and fewer--seriously, I was finding the mere CHEWING tedious.  Lunches at school--I'm a high school teacher-- were going unconsumed as I didn't have time to gnosh and (a) advise a kid, (b) consult a colleague, (c) contact a parent, (d) grade a paper or six, or (e) several of the above all at once.  I was working to pack a healthy meal each day, but then not eating it and leaving work ravenous each afternoon.  Let's see--there are TEN fast food outlets between my school and my driveway; how often do you suppose I made it all the way home to a fairly decent alternative rather than pulling through a drivethru?  Well, this week has been amazing--and now I'm active here, and looking forward to recipes and comraderie and inspiration as I get my vitality back and thrumming!

hi and welcome! I just got here myself! how awesome that the drinks are working INTO your life. good luck, look forward to updates!
Back atcha, Tess! I'm hoping for some great support, commiseration and inspiration here--let's start by giving it to each other! All my best to you and all the other noobs joining us as the summer winds down!
Welcome to the community! We are excited that you are here!