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Gail C.
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Your article today on blood sugar monitors was interesting.  I went without a blood sugar monitor from 1987 to 1993 ( and i did not eat any sugar)because I was an artist and did not want to ruin my fingers.  When a monitor came out with alternate site  testing I got it with the help of my doctor.  But He wanted me to tes tevery day in the morning and I got to thinking.  Those people who had to do that would be invalids.  They p[robably wouldn't even be able to wash a dish because their fingers would be so sensitive.  Than of course you would have to know not to test on a vein in your arm to do that type of testing.I have my problems with the nutrablast becasue I depended on a certain amount of nutrasweet, like in my coffee to keep me going.  Cherries and yogurt are not very pleasant for me to eat.  But with a little equal and ice the tase is not too bad. AS far as the insurance, people on medicare, I believe are covered for once a day.

The other people would have to do it the way you suggest, what other choice to they have


on your latest article on diabetes monitors I would just like to say that most people feel when their blood sugar is too low. They usually get weak and shaky is what I have heard and have felt it myself. It isn't bad idea to test your blood sugar when you are weak and shaky, or it is hard to walk to find out exactly what your blood sugar is. Mine is usually very low for me when I feel that way, so I always carry juice in my car and sugar cubes in my purse.
after using the nutrbullet since the beginning of january, I believe. My skin is thicker and I can take my blood sugar in my middle arm under my elbow part without getting bad black and blue marks. You can hardly see the marks I get.
I am an insulin dependent diabetic and I test my sugar 4 to 6 times a day. I do not have disfiguresd, black and blue or sensitive fingers. I like knowing my levels in order that I can deteermine what and how much to eat. When my sugar leels are low I can tell immediately,I get anixous, sweaty, and shaky especially when I am sleeping my eyes pop open, I get with a racing heart rate and the shakes. You should always test if you are a diabetic
With this nutribullet I never know how to test. I always tested once a day before I ate. I don't know if it is different with the bullet. But I still test the same way. My insurance only pays for one test a day.
when do you test after a blast? before the blast or after and how long after
candygirl wrote: when do you test after a blast? before the blast or after and how long after
If you're testing after a Blast, wait 2 hours from when you starting drinking it. You want to shoot for less than 180 mg/dl for diabetics (some organizations go lower to 140 mg/dl) and less than 120 if non-diabetic. Before a meal goal: 70-110 mg/dl
I get my test stripe from For 100 I pay maybe 30 dollars where as at a drug store they charge me 100 bucks for 100. Because it is cheaper I test way more often. Hope this helps you. Helma