Bok Choy

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Steve L.
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Two things I'd like to ask regarding bok choy.  First, is it a good choice of vegetable to put in a Nutriblast, and second, would you use the both the leaves and stems?

I’ve read that it’s a healthy choice, and I know I’ve enjoyed it in a stir-fry, just wondering what some of you feel about it?

I just did some reading on the nutritional value of bok choy and it has a long list of benefits. Here’s a delicious blast I just made up. 1 – 1 ½ cup of bok choy About half a handful of red grapes ¼ of an orange Two medium sized strawberries A dash of cinnamon About half a handful of sesame seeds Fill the line with water I’ve found that bok choy is very mild tasting so you could easily go up to two cups, and/or back off on the fruit a bit. Enjoy
Absolutely! Use the whole thing :) I love Bok choy in my NutriBlasts and in a stir-fry.