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Debbie O.
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I am new to nutriblasts, a couple of weeks now, but I still have strong cravings for bread. For a diabetic, bread is like sugar. I haven't been able to resist eating too much bread (white flour, pasta, rice). Is there a certain recipe that might take these cravings away?


Have you thought about replacing all of your "white" bread items with whole grain items? This may start getting your body more used to whole grain foods. I'd love to know what Krista's (Registered Dietitian in this forum) opinions are about this.
I'd also love to know what Krista thinks... I know she sometimes recommends using raw or cooked oats in Blasts.. maybe that's an option?
It's only been a couple weeks so allow your body time to adjust! What exactly are you putting into your NutriBlasts? Make sure you are using mostly veggies and low glycemic index fruits (see links below). The cravings often happen due to blood sugar imbalances. For foods outside of your NutriBlasts, avoid all the white stuff and switch to the whole grain alternative. Even some whole wheat breads spike blood sugar - look for the least processed and choose things like quinoa, oats, barley, brown rice, etc. Sometimes the foods we crave are the ones our body is sensitive to. Make sure you do not have a gluten or wheat intolerance. Fill your Blasts with plenty of veggies and protein-rich boosts like nuts, seeds, nut butters, or a plant-based protein powder to reduce the sugar load and get you used to the more bitter veggies. The protein and fiber slow the release of the sugar into your blood. Avoid any fruit-based juices or added sweeteners. Here's a way to wean yourself off sugar if you are finding it hard to go cold turkey... -Krista NutriBullet Registered Dietitian