Broccoli and Carrots

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John B.
Joined: 1/06/2014

Curious as to why there is no mention of using broccoli in any of your recipes...also very little mention of it because these are too difficult to juice due to their consistency?

I have heard the beta carotene content in carrots may be a concern...any thoughts.

Also, have a numerical typo on P. 76 of your User Guide and Recipe book...

So far so good with my trial recipes...Look forward to hearing from you...




Thanks for the heads up about the typo... Broccoli and carrots are excellent to add into a Blast! The blade can handle them raw with no problem. You cannot overdose on beta-carotene (this is the precursor to vitamin A)...supplemental vitamin A is different than the beta carotene from foods.
I included both of these in my morning blast along with some kale, oatmeal, blueberries and a frozen banana. I could not tell that there was either broccoli or carrots in that drink.