Cacao Beans....getting by the taste.

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Joyce C.
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Does anyone know how to disguise the horrible taste of the Cacao beans?


How many are you adding? Perhaps try milling them into a powder first and not using as much? I know what you mean - they are somewhat bitter so you could try to sweeten it up with raw honey, vanilla extract, unsweetened vanilla almond or coconut milk, cinnamon, or a banana or berries.
I am using about a tablespoon full. I do grind them. I think it is a matter of getting used to them. I made a blast after work with kale, a few frozen grapes, 1/2 apple and a half cup of blueberries along with the cacao beans which I ground first. It was actually good. Thanks so much for the reply.
Glad you're warming up to them!
Horrible taste?? :) I eatHorrible taste?? :) I eat them raw, whole! I love the bitter chocolate taste of them. But if you dont then yes I would suggest grinding them to powder first. You can always add a little honey to make a paste.
I use the beans in a couple of different ways. I mill them into a powder for use and I also grind them into nibs. I like the nibs in a smoothies after making the blast. It taste like little chucks of chocolate which I like the different texture. I love adding raw honey and cinnamon with it. Healthy Wishes Wally Bishop C.N.C.