Cacao Nibs vs Cacao Powder

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Maria M.
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Is the powdered version processed? Which is healthier? Are both healthier? 

I have been using organic cacoa beans! I didn't give me a ton of cocao flavor that I thought it would....but still yummy.
Cacao powder is made using a cold-pressing process, but it still contains all the healthy things that cacao nibs do! Just be sure to get CACAO powder and not COCOA powder, which is definitely more processed and lacking in nutrients. :)
Our taste buds are so use to sweeter foods that once we start minimizing sugar intake, things seem bland. Over time, you may find the cacao more "chocolatey" and satisfying! I sometimes throw in a naturally sweet ingredient like bananas, dates, fig, or some raw honey to boost the sweetness. Much better than processed sugar found in all the candy bars and other desserts.
Krista but after going without sugar for a time, things start to taste sweeter and more flavorful to us!
Yes pinky, I agree. It is just initially things seem to be bland and then like I said "over time" things will change and you can experience and appreciate the natural flavors in the foods!