Calling All Athletes!

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Jennifer O'Donnell-Giles
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And by athletes I mean anyone who plans to take on an athletic challenge this year! I truly believe that there is an athlete inside of everyone...just waiting to come out and realize the possibilities! So what are your goals this season? Run a 5K? Ride a century Ride? Complete a Mud Run? Train for a triathlon? How are you planning on using the NutriBullet as part of your training regimine? I use mine every day as a runner, triathlete and coach. I'll share my secrets too! 

Love to hear what you have to say I am entering my 5th Sprint Triathlon this June and another in July. I have a 10K trail race in June and a 12K trail race in Sept. I am 60 years old and run at least 5 times a week swim twice and either Spin or bike twice. I have been starting my day with a blast now for about a month.
Hi Jenn I am a bicyclingHi Jenn I am a bicycling enthusiast. I guess I am addicted to it. I am not sure about doing any competitions in my age bracket, maybe one day. I typically ride 20 to 25 mile 4 times a week and on the weekends I ride harder for 35 to 50 miles on Saturday and then cruise for 15 or so on Sundays. My goal is to do a century this summer. Healthy Wishes Wally Bishop C.N.C.
Wally! How did you make outWally! How did you make out with your goal of completing a century ride this summer? I would love to hear about it! Jenn Giles
Hi Jeepyj! I would love toHi Jeepyj! I would love to hear an update on how your season went! Sounds like you had some big goals with a triathlon and two trail races! I love big goals and would love to hear about them all! Best, Jenn Giles
Jenn thanks for asking. I have been very dedicated to my cycling however I have not had the time to acually just go do a century. I actually work many cycling events (have a booth and sell a product I formulated) and because of my need to feel incharge (lol) I haven't taken the time to enjoy the event. I need to let me staaff take charge and I need to ride! However your question has made me realize I have a goal I must reach and this fall the weather is the perfect time to do it. Cycling gives me such a high! I really do not want to stop a lot of the time. It was raining all day this past Tuesday. I put on the rain gear and road 25 miles. I enjoyed everything but cleaning the muck and grime from my Bianchi. We have two events the next two weekends. It want happen on the first one which is the George Hincappie Gran Fondo. I have to work it. We are expecting over 4000 riders. It may happen the following weekend. I will keep you posted. Healthy wishes Wally
Wally, I agree....cycling isWally, I agree....cycling is addictive! There is something so powerful and freeing about getting on your bike and exploring the world around you. I love how much farther I can go on my bike vs during a run. Please keep me updated on your upcoming rides! They sound intriguing. And's all about making the time and making it a priority to get out there. Easier said than done....but well worth it :) Best of luck and happy riding!!!! Jenn Giles
I took up running about 3 years ago at the age of 42. 20 5k's, a 15k, and a half-marathon later and I love running! I won't win any races, but do OK and feel better. I bought the NutriBullet specifically to help me to enhance my nutrition and be healthier, and in turn a better "athlete"! I just had a check-up at the doctor- 4 years ago he said I was headed toward high blood pressure meds. Now he gave ne a high five for the results- no meds ever prescribed. I only wish I'd started 20 years ago. I am always looking for suggestions on how to use my NutriBullet to help with workout recovery and athletic performance, in addition to the obvious better health benefits!
Ericws, That is an amazingEricws, That is an amazing success story! When you combine exercise with optimal nutrition the health consequences are magnified. I am so happy to hear that you received high fives from your doctor! You have already won the race. The race to wellness! One of my favorite NutriBlasts to enhance running performance and recovery incorporates nutrients shown to enhance speed and endurance as well as recovery. This one can be used before or after a run. Keep an eye out for my blogs as most of them are geared towards running. Enjoy and happy blasting! 1/2 cup skim milk 1/2 cup low fat soy milk 1 banana 1/2 cup frozen cherries 1 cooked beet 1scoop vanilla whey protein powder 1tbsp chia seeds Blast and enjoy!
Jenn- Thanks for the recipe! Jenn- Thanks for the recipe! Interesting. Out of curiosity, what about it nutritionally is good for endurance sport training? Also, I have read mixed things about soy milk for men. Can you sub in almond milk instead, or is the soy milk of certain purpose in this recipe? Thanks!
Hi Jenn, Just wanted to giveHi Jenn, Just wanted to give you an update. I completed 2 metric centuries this weekend a 70 miler and a 63 miler at an even called Festivelo. Its a ride and not a competition and I have a 100+ mile event ride planned for January. There were about 400 participants. It was not a large event. It was really fun and invigorating! My times and speed were good for my age. I pulled my share and then some of the pace line. Healthy Wishes wally Bishop C.N.C.
Congrats Wally! What an amazing accomplishment! Sounds like you had some fun too;) I'm also impressed that you have another one planned for January. Keep up the good work. Having goals to aspire to keeps us motivated and focused....regardless of age or speed. Happy cycling! Jenn Giles
Ericws, Great question! IEricws, Great question! I always like the "why" behind what we do to improve sports performance so I appreciate your thought process. I will list the benefits of each ingredient individually... -Skim milk contains lactose which is a carbohydrate that is rapidly absorbed into the blood stream. This helps to replenish carbohydrates that are utilized during exercise. Milk is also a good source of whey protein which acts quickly to replenish exercise induced muscle damage. The combination has been shown to enhance recovery in athletes. -Soy milk provides a delayed absorption of protein. This ensures continued recovery for hours after exercise. Soy milk and other soy products in moderation have not been found to negatively effect males or females in there absence of hormone related health issues. -Banana is a complex carbohydrate and also contains potassium (a vital electrolyte) -Cherries have been shown to reduce inflammation post exercise. They also contain vitamins and minerals are important for absorption and assimilation. -Beets have recently been shown to improve overall speed of runners. -Whey protein powder adds more of the whey that is found in milk. -Chia seeds also an anti inflammatory effect because of their high monounsaturated content. What I like to do is provide recovery blasts that contain at the very least a good source of protein AND carbohydrate. To improve nutritional status, I add other beneficial ingredients whenever possible. Hope this helps you answer the "why"! Keep blasting! Jenn Giles
Thanks Jenn! I appreciate the info. I'll be thinking about all those wonderful effects when I drink my blast with those ingredients!
hi jenn ! i have started doing swimming from this week and also bicycling in evening. I also start my day with a blast from week