Can we have eggs in any form?

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Deborah H.
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I haven't read anywhere about whether eggs are a viable food on this diet.  I need protein and hardboiled eggs seem to fit the bill.  Is there a reason why eggs should NOT be included in this food scheme?  I'd like some feedback on it.  Thanks!



We at NutriBullet do not promote any particular diet. We only hope to help you improve your health by making it easy to include more fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, legumes, etc. into your diet. Now I would not add an egg to my NutriBlast, but eating an egg (cooked) is a good way to get some protein for a small amount of calories into your overall meal plan. So, if you like eggs, then by all means, have them. My recommendation would be to find the highest quality eggs on the market!
I would not recommend to make eggs your MAIN protein replacement. Search the web for Vegan Protein Sources. There are tons of better replacements that will be more healthy and nutritious for a regular intake. All an all, you can have them, but don't make them a regular. I have been told by many nutritionists that you should not exceed 3 a week... but that is just an opinion.
Thanks Manatax! I agree.
Eggs are nutritious – they're a source of proteins and vitamins, Therefore, we can take

vitamin D
vitamin A
vitamin B2
vitamin B12