Cancer Assistance Programs and Resources

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Shari Pack
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A cancer diagnosis is overwhelming enough and then you have to begin thinking about everything from how and if insurance will cover certain treatments and medications to where you will have the cancer treated, finances and even transportation. Please know that there are a number of resources to explore and assist you with many cancer related concerns.

I would like provide just a handful to get you started. Here are the names and internet addresses of some organizations that offer assistance and/or links to other organizations that offer everything from financial assistance to support with other basic living needs during and after treatment:


Family Reach Foundation –

Life Beyond Cancer Foundation:

Brenda Mehling Cancer Fund:

National Cancer Coalition:

American Cancer Society:

The Government Assistance:

Patient Advocate Foundation:

Planet Cancer:



Chronic Disease Fund:

Co-Pay Relief:

National Patient Travel Center:

Susan Komen for the Cure:

Medline Plus – - this is a service of the National Library of Medicine which provides information on a number of clinical trials.



Thank you for the wonderful links. I am sure many will benefit from them.