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Me'shell C.
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I recently purchased a NUTRIBULLET, which I was loving! I suggested it too many people. Then I found out I had Candida and leaky gut. I started folloing the priciples of Body Ecology by Donna Gates and am making progress. Is there any way to partner w/ her principles and create cultured smoothies?? Most of the Nutribullet recipes are not Candida friendly so I've had to create my own or not use at all. So many people are dealing with digestion issues and candida and I believe ths would be a great help to add this area of interests.


Thank you for this consideration.

I agree with this. The recipe book is not Candida friendly at all. There is simply way too much fruit. At the very least they should have a Candida friendly recipe section in the Recipe section of this site!
Here's a video from David Wolfe for a candida-friendly Blast recipe! Thank you for your feedback. We'll look into more recipes for this topic.
OK, it has been over 8 months since this discussion started. Has anyone come up with more anti-candida blast recipes?