canery seed

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leon f.
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hey as any one try canery seed in a juice yet saw some thing s  on  you tub for health. fig i maybe will try it in my nutribullet to be good for  keeping your sugar under control they said. ,,

leeleon - I have not tried canery seeds and this is something that is new to me. I caution you to research things like this before following. Things aren't always as they appear in the media. Where did you hear of this? Please pass it along and I will look into it further if you'd like. Thanks!
here is that site on this hope it opens this site for you .
It did open for me; thank you. I noted first that this is not a reputable site with no scientific backing for these claims. The author has no credentials and there is an alert with warnings. I'd forgo these until more information is found. Remember, there is no magic pill/food/etc. Stick with what we know is healthy and build your NutriBlast based on those ingredients :) Thank you for bringing this to my attention. If I hear more I'll for sure pass it along to you.
thanks krista for looking in to this for me i wait to see if any more comes to this stuff.