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Charlene J.
Joined: 4/16/2013

I am having a problem turning on my Nutribullet.  It had been working fine but I can no longer push the cup down & twist it to turn it on.  There are white tabs that should be moving up & down when I push down but they won't.  If I use a butter knife to force them down, I can get them to move but they are VERY stiff and I still can't push the cup down...

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Hello cavdwir - Please giveHello cavdwir - Please give our customer service a shout! You can reach them here: or by calling 1-855-346-8874 They should be able to help you troubleshoot or if need be, get a replacement.
I have been using my NB for less than 2 weeks and I am suddenly experiencing this same problem. I was wondering if perhaps customer service gave any information that I could try right now... like is it safe to use a damp cloth to wipe the tabs really well?.. or perhaps some sort of safe lubricant to use? I really love my NB and would hate to go without while waiting for a replacement. Thanks!
I am having the same problem. I thought it was just me. Has anyone contacted customer service yet and if so what was the solution? Thanks,
Same problem here and I doubt the problem will go away since it is juice that has come down onto the white tabs that make them stuck. I pushed down hard and made it start and I twisted it too. Then when I took it off the motor kept running because the white tabs stayed down. I had to pull the plug. I believe the nutribullet will be more or less useless from now on. It is created like that and there is no easy way to disassemble it the way I know of. Please prove me wrong !! I saw one guy with this problem on youtube, he shows how to disassemble the nutribullet to clean this up. It was not an easy process and not something I want to do even once. Just imagine how many times it would be needed to be done. I loved my nutribullet but I see no light here. I am looking so I dont pull water over the maxline etc so there wont be a leak. I had a leak when a rubber ring all of a sudden appeared in my juice !? I removed it and then it worked flawlessly again till now. Just very sad at the moment. I also wish that there was customer service for international customers here because I think you would probably be much better at dealing/apprecating the problem. The link to customers service are only for the US and Canada customers. Mike