Cant view shopping cart without signing up which requires a serial number

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Demi N.
Joined: 8/01/2013


How utterly ridiculous, I had to call a friend to borrow his serial number so that i could even sign up to the site so I could view my shopping cart. So when I was trying to buy something online, I couldn't, without my friend I wouldnt haqve a serial number and therefore couldn't purchase.


Seems like it is all a little backwars - if you can't buy something how are you supposed to have the serial number? I imagine you turn away hundreds of potential customers because you won't let them buy without signing up (of course the problem is that you require a serial number to sign up!!)





/end rant is a site for NutriBullet owners. Therefore, all people who join the site should already have a serial number. If you are not a NutriBullet owner, you can purchase items at:
Hai How about if we buy Nutribullet at, still we still serial number to access the 7 day cleanse program. Plz reply me. Thanks