carcinoid cancer- challenged liver

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jacqueline r.
Joined: 4/22/2013

I have been receiving treatement for liver matastases for 8 years, nuclear meds and chemo.

Thus my liver has been put through the mill so to speak.

I started nuti blasts, liver cleanse last week.

My liver started to burn and  my blood preasure dropped very low  and I was dizzy and felt very weak.

i had 1/2 a fruit blast this week but I am cautious as to what veggies and friuts and seeds and nuts I should

use that would be easier on my liver. I do want to cleanse my liver and get the tumors to disolve or decrease.

I would welcome any help re this problem as I want to be able to use my nutir bullet.


jackie, due to the nature of your condition, I do not feel comfortable providing advice without further information about your health history. I strongly urge you to discuss this with a Dr. and a dietitian in your area who is well versed in treating people who are diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment. Here is a great resource to find an RD in your area: Sending you my best!