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Donna R.
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Which of these two seeds is the preferred seed to use in our blast drinks? The flaxseed was confusing as it comes in whole, milled, and crushed. What's everyone using?

Thanks Foxy

i use whole flax seeds.. it blends well
Flaxseed must be ground in order to reap it's healthful benefits. The NutriBullet will pulverize it or you can choose to mill it first into a powder form. Be careful once grinding as the oils will go rancid if not stored in an airtight container in the fridge. Flax seeds contain lignans which act as fiber and phytoestrogens. Chia seeds on the other hand have similar benefits and do not need to be ground or stored in the fridge. The choice is up to you. Try both or switch it up to see which you prefer.
I buy whole flax, ground it myself & keep it in the fridge I love the nutty flavor! I do plan to try the chia seeds to see which one I like more. I think the flax seed are a better buy. Remember yur nutribullet will grind your flaxseeds!
I use flax seeds in my blasts all the time and the NB does its number on them no problem!
I prefer to use ground flaxseeds in my smoothies. The chia makes the drink too thick for me. I make up my "chia pudding", keep it in the fridge, and have a few tablespoons per day separate from my nutriblasts.