cleaning blades

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Kathleen G.
Joined: 3/15/2013

i have been using my bullet about a month now i clean it with hot soapy water before i even drink my blast but i have noticed it is getting a cloudly substance on the blades what do i do???

Kat1957, I cannot tell you exactly what that might be, however if you are cleaning the blades with soap and water, then my thoughts are that it is not food related and could be soap residue or a mineral buildup from your water. Maybe try some lemon juice and water in the cup, twist on the blade and blast? The acidity might help remove the buildup. Depending on what it actually is (if it is something in your water)...there would be different ways to remove it - or you could find that it is not harmful. Maybe someone else can weigh in here with some more insight!
Hi Kat1957, I don't know what it is, but like Krista said itmaybe mineral buildup. I have that problem where I live and I use white vinegar to clean it. You could put that inside your bullet and see if it works. I also use a small long handled brush to clean beneath my blades, occasionally. Hope this helps! Nancy