Committed To Change

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Lisa K.
Joined: 11/29/2014
Aloha from Hawaii! One of the best things of living in Hawaii is the food and also difficult as a lot of our social gatherings are based around food. The people of Hawaii are very socially conscious. Whenever visiting someone at their home, you never go empty handed and you usually bring food. When the host or hostess offers you food, it is rude to say"no". When you want to thank someone you usually do it with food. It is difficult to lose weight or maintain weight loss when you are surrounded by "onolicious" i.e. delicious food. To top it off, I am trying to lose weight during the holidays. But I realize there is always going to be an excuse as to putting off making a lifestyle change. That is life, something is always going to come up. To make long term changes, you need to be able to mange life's little and big hiccups. I am hoping that by joining my fellow Nutrilife cohorts on this journey, I will find long term success.
You've made the first step to good health! We are so glad you've joined us. Hopefully you can inspire others to choose healthful foods that can taste just as delicious if not more so than those less nutritious alternatives.