Can flax seeds help with constipation?

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monique m.
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I and my son suffer from server constipation. My son and I all our lives have suffered. My son is worse than me. I will go eventually but him not so much that's why ever since birth. His doctor prescribed miralax. i want to take him off and try natural things. My dad purchased us the nutribullet. My son's new doctor suggests making him shakes with Nopal flax seeds. my question is will the flax seeds have the same nutritional value if I blend it up past its original form?... like to powder? My son doesn't like the seeds. He just wants to drink it as smooth as possible.
Hi there!
I'm not a dietitian (aspiring to be though) and I wanted to throw in that I have the same problem!! I have been using the Nutribullet for the past couple days (got it on Monday) and have already become more regular, it's amazing! I ate healthy to begin with but I think the liquid form really accelerates things. Flax seeds actually provide you with MORE nutrients when they are ground :) It makes the nutrition more bio-available, which is why it is often sold in a ground form. I work at a health food store in my area and have learned a lot about health and nutrition! Hope this helps and that you both feel better like I do :)
You're going to be a great Dietitian Lisa! You're absolutely correct! Just note, monilite,that when you grind the flax seeds into powder (by using the milling blade), then you not only enhance the availability of the healthy oils, but it will also go rancid much faster. So, be sure to store any left over flax powder in the fridge sealed tightly.
Also, check out this article for some other tips:

For regularity...A few suggestions that have helped others are:
1) Drinking plenty of water when there's an increase in fiber. Maybe trying some herbal peppermint tea, Tulsi tea, green tea, or ginger tea as this has laxative-like properties.
2) Be sure to include some type of light physical activity - the blood flow and movement stimulates GI motility.
3) Add in some ground flax seeds (like you mentioned) or psyllium husk (this may or may not be a good option as it can either help push things through or potentially clog you up more).
4) Pure prune juice! 8oz 1x/day, then if that doesn't work go to 2-8oz cups one in the morning and one at night.

Is there foods that will help control severe constipation brought on by medication.
I think Chia seeds have even more fiber than flax seeds. You can put chia seeds in water or juice and they will form a nice gel. Put them in your oatmeal. Try taking 400 or 500 mgs. magnisium at bedtime, and take a good probiotic. Hopefully that will really help!
Flax is actually more nutritious when it is ground up. Unlike chia and hemp, the omega-3s in flax are only released and absorbable when the seed is cracked. Just be sure that once the flax is ground, store it in the fridge so the fats don't go rancid.
Another thing that has worked for me is the tea from Traditional Medicines, Smooth Move (! The senna leaf is the key ingredient.
While chia does outweigh flax in total fiber content, note that they slightly differ in amounts of the two different fibers (soluble vs. insoluble) and one may work better for you than the other.
thank you cathy