Crushing ice?

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Claudia H.
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Can you crush ice cubes?

I always throw in about 1/2 cup or so of ice cubes that my refrigerator has munched up a little (it comes out of the door) and the ice is completely gone when I'm done grinding. I don't like drinking warm Blasts. I want them really cold! I don't know what it'll do to whole ice cubes or if you can make something like a frozen margarita in there. That's something I was wondering about.
I freeze my fruit so it's really cold.
The NutriBullet is not the best option for a frozen margarita as it would more so liquify the ice vs. shaving it. The Party Bullet however, has a specific blade designed for frozen drinks. However, ice works just fine in the Bullet. I actually prefer frozen fruit so that I don't "waste" any space with just ice, but still get the cold effects of the frozen fruit. If using ice, remember to still use a liquid.