Customer service lacking - UPDATE!!

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Suzette d.
Joined: 4/27/2013

Hi. I bought my Nutribullet around the end of April. I saw on their website an accessory kit with 2 cups and a spare blade so I ordered it. When it arrived I put it away in the cabinet because I didn't need it right away. 

Two weeks ago I took out the spare blade to wash & use it. The black rubber part would turn but not the blade (I noticed this while I was washing it, never even attached it to a cup or the base). I contacted customer service. they sent me an email with 7 questions which I answered and sent back. No response. I emailed again and got a response the following day. Come to find out, the warranty had run out about a week or so before I contacted them. They will replace the blade but I have to pay $2.99 S&H.

I emailed again, told them I had never used the blade so it was obviously defective when it arrived but I just didn't discover it until a couple of weeks after the warranty expired so I thought they should send a new one free of charge to me. That email was sent of June 21st, I have not received anything else from them as of today.

It's too bad this company won't cough up $2.99 to keep a customer happy. I've been very pleased with my Nutribullet and have talked a lot to friends and family about it and they are considering getting one but when a company won't back up it's products I can't endorse it.


I am currently having a blade problem but have not contacted them directly yet....I still have some warranty... However, for future reference, if you have access to a Bed Bath & Beyond, they sell the NutriBullet and offer a lifetime warranty. Also, they have a 20% off coupon online so makes for a good price, around $80 and lifetime warranty which is important if there are going to be ongoing issues. Good Luck....would be hard to not have it to use once you get used to having the end result of a very healthy smoothie!!
Thanks Jane. Unfortunately there is no Bed, Bath & Beyond in my area. I got it at the local Wal-Mart. If only I had used that blade when I first got it...but I certainly didn't expect it to be defective. Oh, well.
I still have not received a satisfactory response from customer service regarding this blade. However, I am glad that this blade is defective. I decided to give up and when this machine wears out I will never buy anything from this company ever again. So, I was about to throw the blade away but decided to remove the gasket to have a spare in case something happened to the one I have. When I removed it, there was dried food remnants under the blade. Yuck! Not only did they send me a defective blade, they sent me a used, disgusting & dirty blade. It's a good thing I couldn't use it - I could have become ill from bacteria on that gasket. That's it, no more....I'm done with all of this. Time to invest in a Vitamix!
A few minutes ago I got a response back from customer service regarding the not only defective blade but this dirty, used blade they sent. It was the same old copy/paste response they have been sending me. It's like they aren't even reading my emails. I decided to call and speak to a human and explain what is going on. Guess what, I got the same copy/paste response from her. It's like talking to robots. Anyway, this is very disappointing and has left a bad taste in my mouth for Nutribullet products. I can't recommend or justify buying anything else from this company. Clearly they don't like their customers.
I received a message from CB saying he would contact customer service for me. This was on Monday, 7/8/13. Last night (7/9/13) I had a phone message from customer service saying they would replace the blade free of charge. This was great news! I really appreciate CB's help in getting this very frustrating situation resolved so quickly. Thank you again for all you did! :D