David Wolfe and the Hunza people from Himalaya mountains

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greetings to everybody here and especially the crew of David Wolfe! LOVE UR RECIPES ! keep up the GREAT WORK OF pure delicious healthy foods!


my question:

has David Wolfe or his 'crew' ever heard of the Hunza people from Himalaya mountains?

in case u have, I dont have to tell u anything, but the way David Wolfe talks about food and life:

sounds very very much like the Hunza people from those mountains:

very very pure natural healthy lifestyle for 2.300 years now!

I was completely blown away when I discovered that there is ALREADY an Tribe there living the pure natural lifestyle so many Sportspeople try to live with healthy food and exercise !?!?

theres a lot of info to be found abuot the Hunzas and videos on youtube too! in case u have NEVER ever heard of Hunzas:


After two thousand years of almost complete isolation , the people of Hunza have made the secrets
of their remarkable way of long and healthy life available to the rest of the world. They have
evolved a way of living, eating and thinking that has substantially lengthened their lifespan and
dramatically reduced susceptibility to most of the illnesses to which "civilised" people are prone.
the Hunza people manage to live to over one hundred years of age in perfect mental and physical
health; and men father children at ninety. Cancer, heart disease, heart attacks, high and low blood
pressure and childhood diseases are virtually unknown. In fact, sickness is extremely rare. There is
no juvenile delinquency in Hunza, and divorce is a rarity. There are no jails, no police, no army.
There is no need for them, as there has not been a crime reported for the last one hundred and fifty
if there are people here interested in Hunzas and their lifestyle, just google it or check it out at youtube! ITS ALL FREE! nobody of them is asking any money! its pure natural and known for 1000s of years now, cant believe so few people are into this healthy lifestyle!
Hunza men are just as amazing. Their endurance and vigor, despite the burden of their years (actually the expression doesn’t have much meaning as far as the Hunzas are concerned - it would be more appropriate to say the lightness of their years!) is almost beyond belief. Witnesses, most of whom were highly skeptical at first, were amazed to see men over a hundred years old carrying backbreaking loads up steep mountain paths. Nor did these centenarians appear to be any more tired or even out of breath after accomplishing their difficult work than an ordinary man of 40. Taking a three hour walk after meals - something they do as often as possible - is a favorite pastime. Such hikes are considered to be a reward for their labors. They return without exhibiting any fatigue whatsoever, and continue with their work as if it were the most natural thing in the world.
super-longevity: Some casessuper-longevity: Some cases are even more extraordinary. One Hunza man who, at the incredible age of 145 was still surprisingly agile, and who used no cane or any other form of support, defied any conventional definition of the term elderly. His back was as straight as a rod and his abdomen was flat and muscular, showing no sign of developing that appendage so common among western males - the pot belly.
incredible but true super-longevity: According to a number of sources, it is not uncommon for 90 year old Hunza men to father children. Hunza women of 80 or more look no older than a western woman of 40 - and not only any woman, but one who is in excellent shape.
nobody ? anybody ?
HealTheWorldman wrote: nobody ? anybody ?
Thanks for the info! I am not familiar with them, but will see what David has to say next time he's in the office!