David Wolfe's Superfoods book - Superfoods Super mix for drinking or Nutribullet

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Ado k.
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to all the people here:


ever tried to combine some of the superfoods from Davids book ? and mixing it with fruit ? or water?


mine combination is:




Goji berries powder



Acai berry powder

and Turmeric and Ginger as superherb


all these Superfoods/herbs as powder, and then mixing it equally in 1 big jar, and then putting into the Nutriblasts or mixing with water?!?!?



I wonder what the dietitians have to say? or perhaps David Wolfe himself ?!?!?! thank to David Wolfe my LIFE HAS IMPROVED SOOOO MUCH !!!

and still training the 5 Tibetan Rites and doing breathing exercises!!!

btw: dunno if Moringa was in the book? I discovered moringa thanx 2 youtube while watching about Wheat grass! wheat grass or Barley grass are 2 great alternatives!
Hey there! Yes, we have tried mixing different superfoods. That's how we came up with some of our superfood blends! Visit the store for some of our current mixes. However, I try to keep it to two or three per Blast keeping in mind that more is not necessarily better. The ones you have listed above do look good. I have not tried them exclusively with water - I like to include some other powerful ingredients like leafy greens, veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds :)