Day 1: Monday January 7th...Blast Off!!!

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Krista Haynes
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Today is the day! As you begin your 7-Day Cleanse, we invite all of you on the forum to share your experiences.

Day one may seem daunting, but with support from others on the same journey, it’s easier to make it through. Have any questions or concerns? Voice them here and get feedback from fellow cleansers.

It’s totally normal and understandable to be a little intimidated by the Cleanse; changing longstanding habits always poses a bit challenge. Are there any particular concerns you have? Are you worried you will be hungry? Moody? Are you worried you’ll miss your morning coffee or afternoon chocolate nibble?

Naming exactly what intimidates us can heighten our awareness, and sharing with others gives us a sense of community and solidarity!


My morning blast was a bit bitter,but I did drink it all..wondering if maybe I had a bit too much kale? My 18 year old daughter is doing the cleanse with me and she added some splenda (which I didn't agree on)so she could drink it. I don't miss my coffee so far. I usually get headaches when I don't have any, been drinking coffee all my life. Hoping I survive this week :)
My morning blast was super spicy! Maybe too much ginger? It was definitely different than what I am used to.
Ginger is a bit spicy and takes some getting used to. However, ginger is a great anti-inflammatory and a wonderful boost for a detox plan. Over time, possibly over the course of this cleanse, your taste buds will change and you will start to enjoy these non-sweet, but unique flavors. My word of advice is to think about all the beneficial properties you are adding in your body. You will begin to appreciate these foods more :)
As David Wolfe says...the more bitter the better (healthier) :) Hang in there Loide2013. A little tip - lemon helps cuts some of the bitterness. Try that in your next NutriBlast that is too bitter for you. Over time your taste buds will change and you will probably be able to tolerate the leafy greens!
My tummy is upset after drinking my lunch blast (Today's Just Peachy). I think it might be the parsley; it happened before when I had a different NutriBlast which called for parsley. Can I leave it out or substitute for it?
Absolutely. Listen to your body. Feel free to either add in more of the other leafy green or just omit it completely. If you have a green powder like chlorella, add a tsp of that. But don't worry if not, your body will still reap the benefits w/o it. Feel better :)
Fighting though that post-lunch sweet tooth, but so far so good!!
Thank you, I'll try the lemon next time.
I couldn't get everything didn't have enough time and right now on a tight budget. Forgot to get the coconut water dates and the cacao powder and the cleans is requiring it. Also do i really need the almond milk?? its the bonus recipe where i for got the dates. Can I just use the water. Also I am a type 2 diabetic so i don't know if i can get the cacao powder and the coconut water again budget and hi BG (blood glucose) concerns please advise :( I really want to make this work.
Just get what you can! You can most certainly use water in place of almond milk. The cacao powder is low sugar, but again not required to obtain cleansing benefits. Feel free to make adjustments depending on budget and taste preference or food tolerance. In addition, for those with blood sugar imbalance, please make sure you are keeping a close watch on your levels. Add in some cinnamon to your NutriBlasts and stick with more veggies or low GI fruits. Here's a good blog with some more info. Keep us posted on your progress. We are wishing you a successful cleanse :) Let us know if we can answer any more Qs you may have.
Did you make it through elynn? Hang in there :)
I just realized I forgot the almond butter and ofcourse its in the first day meal DOH!! Asking if I need this as well again only for the budget and GI Levels.
Hey do we snack in between? I was thinking like Greek yogurt or something like Chobani or Oikinos, Would that be okay?
Almond butter is already low sugar so that should be fine and nuts like almonds have been shown to help regulate blood sugar - most places it is very expensive, but I found it at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods for under $7 a jar if that fits your budget. If not, toss in some other nuts or seeds as a substitute.
If you are hungry or require more calories due to increased activity or higher body weight then yes, you may snack. However, if you are none of those, then I suggest you skip it. If snacking, then yogurt is NOT recommended...we are eliminating all dairy due to any potential added hormones or antibiotics, its acid-forming properties, and mucus forming. Snack options could be some plain, raw veggies (carrots, bell pepper, mushroom, celery, snap peas), chia pudding (chia seeds soaked in almond milk in the fridge for about an hour or overnight), or a small cup of your favorite Blast recipe.