Day 2: January 8th...How did your first day go?

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Krista Haynes
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Howdy y’all! How did day 1 go? Are you feeling tired? Cranky? Energized? Giddy? Let us know and talk to your fellow cleansers here on the forum!

Days two and three are generally reported to be the most difficult days of any cleanse. Here are some tips to keep you pushing on:

  1. Drink water

Although you are constantly drinking fluids during this cleanse, it is very important to remember to drink water. Many of the 7-day Cleanse NutriBlasts have diuretic properties—which eliminate water from the body along with toxins from your organs. To keep your body hydrated, we recommend drinking 16 oz (2 cups) of water with each of your NutriBlasts.

  1. Exercise (with) Caution

The cleansing process uses a huge amount of energy and your body will be running on less fuel than it is accustomed to, so we recommend limiting exercise this week. Save the spinning, running, CrossFit, and P90X workouts for another time, and opt instead for light activity like walking, leisurely bike rides, gentle yoga, and possibly Pilates. Be sure to stop any activity if you begin to feel fatigued or lightheaded.

  1. Rest Up

As mentioned previously, you might be very fatigued at this point of the cleanse. Don’t fight it! To truly take care of your body, it is important to respect your limitations. Tune into to your body. Go to bed if you’re tired. Sneak in a catnap on your lunch break if necessary. In a day or two, you’ll feel so energized that a little temporary sleepiness will be well worth it!

Let us also know what you hope to achieve by Day 7!  What are your short-term and long-term health goals? How do you think this cleanse will help you meet those goals?

Happy Blasting! 

Well, I was pleasantly surprised by the Butternut Squash Soup - delicious! The other blasts - not so much. Tolerable, but I kind of force them down. I was so full I couldn't even get the last one into my system last night! I miss the bananas alot. I've been using the NutriBullet pretty faithfully since January 1st when I weighed in at 144# and am extremely happy to see the bathroom scale go BELOW 140#. This is a major mental (and physical) breakthrough for me. I would like to weigh in the low 130s and see it as entirely possible to do - and in a healthy manner! I'm 5'7", middle 50s, and active, but I abhor the spare tire that seems to come with this time of life! 8-) Nutribullet is so awesome!
cattlegirl, I agree...beets are a bit tough to love :) They are amazing for cleansing the liver and a great way to kick off the cleanse though so congrats for hanging in there. Today's will be much better...I love the Glowing NutriBlast! I am so happy for your breakthrough and am glad the NutriBullet was part of your success. Keep it up and keep us posted!
Still on day one i started a day late I wanted to get the first two drinks in. Are there any substitutes for the 4 dinner choices? May i have like a spinach salad of sorts with EVOO and Vinegar??
Yes you can! Just as long as you stick to the "rules" - Only plant-based foods (no meat, pork, chicken, fish, egg, etc.) - No dairy (no cheese, yogurt, milk) - No caffeine (only green tea allowed) - No added sugars - No alcohol - Gluten-free - Soy-free So, yes, a salad with all types of veggies and/or fruits and add some beans or grains if you would like some more bulk!
Day one was good for me. I found the beets and lemon a bit harder to drink. I'm not a big pulp fan so that made it tougher too. Had a bit of stomach burning a bit later in the day but I just tried to drink more water to dilute it and that seemed to help. Half way through day two, I'm feeling energized actually but have a bit of the brain fog when working (my job is transcribing and I am going back and editing myself a lot!!). My mom who is doing the cleanse with me is feeling the detox hard today with muscle pain, headache, a bit of nausea. Maybe mine will hit tomorrow :( I'm going to pass on the tips above to her so thank you for those! Loved this mornings drink (super cleanse) but not so much the second. Oh well, we can't love them all but I know how good they are for us and how much gunk it will be taking out of my system, which is always a great thing! As far as goals, I have hypothyroidism so weight is up and extra hard to get off. I'm looking to cleanse my system and maybe rev up the metabolism a bit. I'm a little unsure how to transition back to normal meal plans after day 7 so hopefully there can be some tips about that later in the week please! Thanks again for all your tips!
I found this recipe, its from the Cooking Channel I thought this would be a good Substitute Chunky Vegatble Bulgar Salad
Looks tasty! Enjoy :)
Great feedback, thanks! YouGreat feedback, thanks! You nailed it with the detox symptoms...fatigue, headache, moodiness, foggy brain, some feel cold, and hunger are a few common ones... A few things to try or pass on for your mom to try: If you are hungry, steep some green tea or munch on some plain, raw veggies. If extra hungry, chia pudding (made from either water or unsweetened almond milk - and maybe some raw cacao - no sugar) with chia seeds soaked in the fridge for about an hour or so) will help fill your stomach. For a headache - continue to drink water water water...or if it is caffeine related, then try some green tea (which contains a small amount of caffeine). DO NOT TAKE a pain killer like Advil - the idea is to detox not retox the liver. If cold, drink a warm, caffeine-free herbal tea like chamomile, peppermint, elderflower, or nettle. Hang in 2 and 3 are usually the hardest. Follow some of the recommendations above and keep me posted. And don't worry, we'll help you transition into a regular, healthy dietary plan post-clenase :) Are you taking a thyroid medication?
So, the first blast today was pretty rockin. I really like the cucumber/pear combo. However, the second was just terrible. BUT, I have a SERIOUS aversion to kale. Maybe it came from growing up in the south and having to eat it all the time! But, I'm including it and repeating the mantra: This is good for you. Bad out; Good in, while I'm drinking and it helps. My daughter (she's 5) was interested in what I was doing and she made herself a banana/blueberry/orange/wheat germ/spinach blast. It was awesome!
Hi Krista, I found this oneHi Krista, I found this one too Baby Tomato and Fresh Herb Tabbouleh
Yes I take Synthroid daily. :)
Good to know that being cold is 'just' a detox symptom; I was so cold last night! I am thankful for the timing of this, yesterday was my first day back to work after 3 weeks off. What better time to reprogram the willpower!? What (if any) is the advantage to adding the chlorella powder to the blasts vs taking chlorella tables separately?
Krista, Is a one a dayKrista, Is a one a day vitamin ok to take?
is juicing aloud, if so how much juice can we drink and what kind do u recommend, what about brown rice
Either the powder or pill form are both good options. Do which is most convenient for you! If you find yourself cold, brew some nice warm caffeine-free herbal tea :)
Yes it is :) However, think about all the nutrients you are getting from these amazing foods. Vitamins can be good insurance and make up for any missing component in your diet.
Yes, juicing is allowed to accompany this cleanse if you are feeling hungry or would like to increase the calories in the plan. I'd recommend pure extracted juice from a juicer - preferably more veggie-based since concentrated fruit juices are extremely high in sugar. Try a cucumber/kale/apple/lemon/celery combo... Brown rice is fine if you are doing the Basic Cleanse. The Super Cleanse is an all-liquid plan. However, if you are just dying for something to eat -modifications are allowed and a small cup of brown rice would fit the "rules" ;) I'd opt for some whole raw veggies over the rice if doing the Super Cleanse, but again...this is YOUR plan and can be adapted to fit your needs!
what about steamed vegatbles
Today was HARD! But I noticed other people had the same issues: fatigue, headache (caffeine), foggy brain, feeling cold, tired and EXTREME hunger! I'm trying to drink more water and I'm going to get some green tea. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone :)
I plan on starting my cleanse next week. I didn't get around to do all the shopping for it this past weekend. I'm actually happy that I didn't start yet since reading all of the feedback will help for when I do start. My question is, can baby spinach, arugula, etc. be used in place of the mature leaves? I like the baby forms much better. Does it make a difference?
Day 1 was REALLY tough! I experienced all of the symptoms Krista outlined. Today was much better!
Had a good Day 2! The Smoothie's were all good! Had the vegetable gumbo again for dinner, this time without rice. The only time I feel fatigue is around 3pm. What I really can't believe is that I have NOT had a caffeine headache! I was a religious coffee drinker. I'm simply amazed. I feel pretty good, at least better than I expected. I do like green tea a couple times a day. Should we stick to the recipes each day or are they interchangeable? I'm looking at Day 3 and a little nervous I'm not going to like it. Not only do I enjoy the smoothies but my kids and husband love them too even though they are not cleansing. :-)
I cooked the Roasted Sweet Potato and Kale Quinoa. This dish is SO delicious! Is it really two servings? It's a lot of food.
NutriBlasts are very satisfying. Dinners good, although I am not used to eating this way. My problem is my blood glucose reading. Tonight two and a half hours after dinner, it was 218. It hasn't been this high since I was on steriods for asthma 10 months ago. I'm disappointed since I think all the meals on the list are well balanced. I have Type 2 Diabetes (not insulin dependent). Is this increase in blood sugar happening to anyone else on the cleanse? I have made the recipes exactly. I want to stay on the cleanse because I feel good; however, the glucose reading has me concerned. Any thoughts?
Day 3. Now 7 hours later from last glucose reading....down to 119 from the earlier 218. Perhaps it was the sweet potato that made the reading so high. Feeling great and enjoying the "Hunger Attack" Nutriblast. For me, this Nutriblast is the best yet!
I never did find any chlorella powder. 8-( What is its purpose anyway? (Day 3 has begun and going along fine here....I'm extremely excited about making the broccoli/arugula soup later...(boy, does THAT sound like a depraved person! lol). Off to feed my critters....
Haha that's funny. I had the broccoli/arugula soup yesterday and enjoyed it (more so than the carrot ginger soup from the day prior that I found just too bland, but I think that is probably intentional). Enjoy! :)
It is fine if you cannot find the chlorella. It is an algae that is a concentrated source of chlorophyll (among many other nutrients). Chlorophyll binds toxins and heavy metals for removal. Chlorophyll is also found in leafy greens which you are getting plenty of. This boost is just that...a superfood boost that has a lot of nutrition packed into a tiny package. Spirulina is a similar option. If you don't get them this go round, look into trying them at some other time. They are really great boosts to include in your NutriBlasts!
I had the broccoli/arugula soup yesterday. I thought it was actually quite tasty :) Enjoy yours too!
Sharon, so so glad to hear that your sugar level is back down. Please make adjustments as necessary to help stabilize blood sugars and prevent those crazy spikes. You are doing the Basic Cleanse correct? A few suggestions are: - If you take medications, continue to do so as directed. - Modify the NutriBlasts that contain more sugary fruits and replace with lower-GI fruits or some vegetables - Add in snacks as needed (soaked almonds, a small cup of your favorite NB, a small serving of soup from the Super Cleanse, chia pudding - chia seeds soaked in unsweetened almond milk, or some raw veggies) Please continue to monitor your levels and report back so we know you are doing well. Thanks!
Haha... I was thinking you guys would be hungry :) Feel free to eat less and save some for a snack or another meal... Glad you enjoyed it Monica!
I am amazed too about the lack of headache! Lucky you... Next step is to transition from the low-caffeine green tea to a non-caffeine herbal tea like chamomile or peppermint (or other of your liking)... Yes, if you see a recipe for a NutriBlast you are not too keen on, choose one you do like or make modifications to the one you are nervous about. Just stick to the rules of no added sugars, no dairy or eggs, meat-free, gluten-free, caffeine-free and of course alcohol-free! Nice work on getting the family into NutriBlasting too :)
Baby versions work just as well! Enjoy....
If you are doing the Basic Cleanse, steamed veggies as part of your meal or as a mid-meal hunger taming snack are fine. For the Super Cleanse the goal is to stick with all liquids so I'd suggest a small cup of a NutriBlast or some more soup. HOWEVER, if you are in need of bulkier substance, then steamed or raw veggies are a good choice to get you over the hurdle.
You are doing great Loide2013!!! Stay strong :)
I found Chlorella powder in a store called Sprouts here in Sacramento. It's similar to Whole Foods, so depending on where you live, these are options to where they may be found. Not sure I like the taste, but a little is tolerable. Carol
So far I've had the butternut squash and the beet/roasted garlic soups and LOVED both!
Okay, I just had the Day 3 Blast with almond milk. IT WAS WONDERFUL. Maybe because I just had fed 200 cattle and I was hungry, but it is definitely one I will make again. Now I am SO FULL. AND CONTENT. ...time for a cup of tea!! I've been lucky and had no lethargy or headaches, but I have to confess I am not totally caffeine-free. The Nutriblast Police may be at my door soon to confiscate the Diet Mountain Dew, but we all have trials and tribulations to live with.......
Imagine me knocking at your door...Get rid of that Diet junk :)
I was not too crazy about the second drink for lunch.. The Creamy Banana Nut blast. I have to make it in the morning and put it in the fridge to try it make it more convenient. i am not the road in the morning so it was sitting since 730 in my fridge at work. When came time to drink it it was just too grainy for me. my nuts were almonds and flax seed, didn't have cashews or the pumpkin seeds.. Drank 3/4 quarters of the Tall cup.. thats about it.
Too funny!
It has a realy stong taste, but once i made it really hot and added a ton of black pepper it was great:)Maybe because I didnt want to add salt?
That has been my favorite so far! I had the Green Goddess Gumbo first 2 nights and I liked it..but the Roasted Sweet Potato and Kale Quinoa is the BEST! :)
Thanks, Krista. I had a better day today (except for lunch). I posted my experience on Day 3 - Motivation Mantra. I drank more water and I had green tea (no caffeine headache)..but I did put a little pack of raw stevia in my tea, ate 4 baby carrots between lunch & dinner, took a shorter walk and rested. I'm going to try the tea without the stevia tomorrow. I also have peppermint tea, can I drink some after dinner?
I tried the ginger-carrot soup off of the super cleanse simply because i had the ingredients available, to me it was a little bland i had fresh ginger in it but like i said it was eh... not use to no taste in any of what I am doing. a little depressed. I am on day two so i am a little behind. Hopefully tomorrow will be better day 3 for me, don't have the coconut milk though...
I'm sure y'all be thrilled to know I've at least gone to CAFFEINE-FREE diet Mt. Dew. ...I know...I know, but it's baby steps.....
You made some excellent choices! Yes, peppermint tea would be nice after dinner - it actually helps with digestion. Remember to drink water and herbal teas in between "meals" to help stay hydrated and flush out those toxins :)
jcorcione, it sounds like some of the recipes aren't quite satisfying your pallet :( Depending on what types of foods you are used to eating (most foods are overly salty, fatty, and sweet) will greatly influence how much flavor you find in these recipes. It also depends on the quality of ingredients you start with. I have tasted some of the sweetest carrots on the planet and I've also tasted some that are flavorless. Choose quality ingredients, experiment with spices and herbs and let your taste buds adjust to the more subtle, natural flavors in nature's candy! I have heard great feedback from those who made the butternut squash and sage soup. Give that one a try next :)
Hey gals! My sincere apologies, you were right...this is way more food than feeds two :) I was basing it off of 1 cup of COOKED quinoa which would have been 1/2 cup plus one potato for each serving, but totally forgot I stared with 1 cup of dry quinoa which exxxxpppaaaaannnnndddddssss :) It should read 4 servings for the Kale/Sweet Potato/Quinoa dish. Thank you so much for pointing this out. I made it tonight when I realized my mistake. Turned out tasty once again!
How about almonds? I'm on the Super Cleanse.
Thanks for all the help. I enjoyed the peppermint tea after dinner..but I still use the raw stevia, cannot handle the tea without. I'm going to try organic palm sugar. I have been drinking a lot of water, 2 cups with my blasts and in between meals :)
I'd save the almonds until the cleanse is over since it is a solid food and you're trying to stick to liquids on the Super Cleanse. If you want to add some almonds (soaked overnight) to your NutriBlast, then that is an option. If you must, you can have some almonds (soaked overnight to soften) as a mid-"meal" snack.
Got it! gracias:) Does anybody else hate the Carls Jr commercial with the guy eating the jalapeno turkey burger right about now? lol.