Day 3: January 9th...What is your Motivation Mantra?

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Krista Haynes
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What’s your “motivation mantra?” The word, phrase, or image that helps you stick to the Cleanse when faced with temptation?

The image of a muffin-top decreasing is paramount to my motivation... 8-). And I believe I heard my liver whispering, "Thank you".
Love it, cattlegirl! This is excellent :)
Lowering my BG levels, and coming off meds!!
Is anybody else having issues with trying to post a profile picture?
Except for lunch, the day was the best so far. Breakfast was awesome, LOVED the mango, pineapple combo..yummm! Lunch was the worse one ever..specially the cayenne! It was rough but I managed to keep it down, it took 45 minutes & 3 glasses of water along..but I DID IT! Dinner was Roasted Sweet Potato and Kale Quinoa..I'm in LOVE! I tried quinoa about a year ago and couldn't get past the little white nail-like pieces. I gagged at the sight! But since this is the new year and the best year of my life yet, I was determined. I'm in LOVE with this dish and will keep it. I even got my girls to try it and they liked it too. I did have some green tea in the morning, no headache today, and I'm drinking a lot more water. Went for my daily walk and it went better than yesterday. Oh, had to edit..didn't notice this was about "motivation mantra" My motivation mantra is knowing that I'm making better choices for my body. I'm also educating myself along the way.
Oh how I was tempted tonight to grab a handful of multi-grain blue corn chips! I didn't though...just had to remind myself WHY I am doing this cleanse. Think I'll write the reasons down & tape to my fridge for motivation in sticking to this 7 Day Super Cleanse. 1. I am helping to get ALL my organs back to their optimal function! 2. I am eliminating toxins which will make me feel better and I'll have more energy! 3. I WILL be fit & healthy at 50! (My 50th Bday is in a few weeks) As I forced a few Blasts down that weren't to my liking, I kept saying to myself with every sip- this is for my liver, this is for my kidneys, this is helping my adrenal fatigue, etc.
I say to myself, "It's only 7 days, I can do this". The truth is, I don't feel bad, I feel good! I feel better doing the cleanse than any diet I've tried in the past. I'm looking forward to incorporating this in my daily regime. I love the smoothie's (well most) and love the dinner recipes! FINALLY, chocolate this morning! I love the raw Cacao!
uniqueRN, I too am telling myself "only three more days" over and over. I am swamped with work this month so that helps immensely in warding off my grazing tendencies. I work at home so really have to discipline myself about grabbing those multi-grain chips or just 4 M&Ms. These Blasts are so filling and I feel so good after slamming one down that I am really not tempted to "think outside the Blast" - at least for a little while longer. a side note: yesterday as I was asking the local grocer to stock chia seeds (I had to spell it for him and say, no it is not a tea ;-) ), he was telling me about a grocery seminar he attended where they were given smoothies made with low-fat frozen yogurt, almond milk and fruit. I swooned, kissed him passionately and ran to my truck with fantasies of this mixture when I finish this cleanse.
OK, not really on the "kissed him.." part. lol
Reading these this morning brought a Gigantic SMILE to my face! Thank you so much for sharing your successes, struggles, and motivations. You all are amazing...and the reason I love my job. We're almost there! If you haven't read the feature article, check it out for some great tips to help you get over the hump :)
It's day 4 and I'm feeling wonderful! My body is not achy (joints and right shoulder issues) and I've been receiving compliments about my skin. "Are you doing something different?" "Did you get a facial?" These are just some of the questions I get. :) My tummy is going down, too. I'm sleeping really well and through the night thus my energy level is way up. Today's morning juice was yummy (Oatmeal in a Cup) but the lunch juice (Citrus Sipper) was not very good--WAY too tart. I couldn't stomach the last 1/2 cup of it! The dinners have been great! I've made the Kale/Cabbage Slaw and Sweet Potato/Kale with delicious. These wonderful results keep me going each day. I have a great support system which definitely motivates me to persevere!
Wow, great compliments in such a short amount of time! That's awesome. Sorry about the lunchtime Blast...I'm making notes of the crowd favorites so we can hopefully narrow it down to the most delicious as well as detoxifying and healthy combinations! Love your feedback. Thank you Monica :)