Day 4: January 10th...Fun Facts and Feature Article

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Krista Haynes
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Fun Fact #1:

Did you know that the liver is incredibly skilled in regeneration; a damaged liver with as little as 25% functionality can still repair and rebuild itself into a fully functioning organ!  If you are what you eat, feed it wisely :)

Fun Fact #2:

The practice of cleansing was extremely important in Ancient Egyptian spirituality. Many temples of the time feature chapels believed to have been dedicated to purification rituals. Based on evidence collected from hieroglyphics and wall paintings, archaeologists have concluded that religious and royal leaders used these rooms to purify their bodies with water, essential oils, and incense. Evidence also suggests that rulers fasted on a naturally occurring soda water known as nagent before commencing important religious rites. Both cleansing rituals aimed to bring their practitioners closer to the gods.

Featured Article

If you haven't read it yet, you'll be glad it came up right about to enhance your cleanse!

You all are doing great!  

Very interesting! Thanks for the feature article as well..there were some great tips there. I guess my question is then, how often do you repeat a cleanse? :)
demo, It varies for everyone. I'd suggest doing one of these more intense cleanses once every 6 months... However, you can do mini-cleanses weekly, monthly, or quarterly. The more often you do them, the less intense they should be. I know some people do an all-liquid detox day once a week and some who do mini 3-day reboot cleanses every so often. But one like this, I'd say either in six weeks or possibly even this time next year if you eat well and incorporate many of these practices into your ongoing lifestyle and diet throughout the year :)
Had a great day, just a bit tired :)
Hi Krista :) Boy, were youHi Krista :) Boy, were you right about Day 2 & 3 being the hardest! I felt hungry, tired & VERY cold! Even a lil' woozy at times. So I added a scoop of Vegan Rice Protein Powder (12g) to a few Blasts-hope that doesn't blow this Super Cleanse! I'm used to getting 115g of protein a day. Today I felt MUCH better & had more energy :) Thank you so much for the great articles & tips! Drinking more water, walking/light jog in place for 5-10 mins. & a hot decaf green tea really helped! Have a Great Day 5 Everyone! :)
I am used to getting more protein as well. I have felt sluggish the first two days, until today when i decided to go workout, now i feel a whole lot better.
No, it does not ruin anything and you made the best choice of a vegan protein powder - sometimes you have to listen to your body and yours needed more protein (especially if you are used to that much protein regularly). The reasoning behind the low protein during a cleanse is that when protein is digested, nitrogen results as a byproduct. This is then turned to urea and must be filtered out through the kidneys placing more work on them (also more work on the liver to process this). When cleansing, the idea is to "rest" the body as much as possible. Your body needed it and by choosing the vegan powder form (already broken down) vs. something like a the best choice. So, don't fret it :)