Day 5: January 11th...Weekend Weakness? Transitioning Tips Post-Cleanse

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Krista Haynes
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It's here; the end of the work week and your 5th day of the Cleanse.

You are doing great! Have you noticed any differences since starting your cleanse? Energy levels? Mood? Attitude? Appearance?

Weekends are often the most difficult when sticking to a restricted eating plan.  We often eat more food and make less healthy choices on the weekends when we don't have a work routine to keep us in check.  How do you plan to overcome temptation?

Also, many of you have asked how to keep up this healthy eating once the cleanse ends.  Here are some key tips to keep in mind.  Let me know if you have any other questions or comments that I did not address. 

Transitioning to a healthy diet post-cleanse:

You’ll probably hit the grocery store this weekend to stock up on some food for next week. I bet you’re also wondering what to eat now that you’re all cleansed!  I strongly urge you not to resort to your old ways (if they were unhealthy that is…) and ease your way back into solid foods.  A few tips:

  • Continue to NutriBlast for one meal.  Most people enjoy a NutriBlast for breakfast, but any time that suits your schedule is perfect.
  • Be mindful of portions.  You’ve been eating less food during the cleanse and your digestive system has been resting so it is best not to overload it with large quantities of food.
  • If you were doing the Super Cleanse start slowly transitioning to easy-to-digest solid foods.  Try some bland steamed vegetables with a side of chunky vegetable soup. (May not be gourmet, but it is only for one day and your body will thank you for it!) You may want to try some of the recipes from the Basic Cleanse.  The Kale/Quinoa/Sweet potato dish is amazing...toss in some black beans for added protein.
  • For Basic Cleansers choose recipes similar to the ones you enjoyed during the cleanse.  You probably have some ingredients left over for some recipe experimenting. 
  • After a day or two into your own routine, keep the “rules” in mind and try to choose healthier options more often:
    • Cook more; eat out less and reduce consumption of packaged products
    • Less meat and more plants
    • Dairy alternatives are less inflammatory than milk products 
    • Be mindful of sugars – they show up in the most unsuspecting foods (breads, crackers, condiments, pasta sauce, frozen meals, yogurt, flavored oatmeal, etc.)
    • Limit caffeine and alcohol (wait longer than a week or more to re-introduce your happy hour toddy!) Alcohol is very toxic to a clean liver (or any liver for that matter).
    • If you are not gluten-intolerant, you may incorporate these grains in whole form
    • Goes without saying – stop smoking if you do so…

Happy Blasting!

-NutriBullet RD, your NutriBlast Nutrition Advisor. Advice given is not intended to replace that of your healthcare provider. Please consult him/her for any personalized medical or dietary needs.


I feel amazing and have a bit of weight loss already (HUGE boost!). I plan on continuing on a mostly plant-based diet, mostly raw. I'm thinking of adding fish. I've been doing a lot of research online and at the library. I'm very motivated and have no fear of the weekend. I'm finding it easier to resist temptation. Tonight, over a friend's house, I was offered food over and over.. even had someone walk over to me and tried to feed me a chip with dip! I brought my Green Goddess Gumbo with me and ate that. Everyone asked about my cleanse..but not a single person wants to do :)
Haha! Great story and way to stick with it. They'll come around once they see how amazing you feel and look :)
Is anyone having food cravings? It hit me last night big time!! I wanted an egg on toast sooo bad hahaha! So grabbed a bottle of spring water & told myself... this craving will pass! Then I thought about coffee, cheese, & things I know I can't have while on this Cleanse! Was feeling weak as skipped the Soup, so made an extra Blast from the Basic plan w/rice protein powder to hold me over. We're in the homestretch, Yay!
what about eggs and fish?
For the first few days I'd suggest sticking with plant-based proteins and slowly working back in your fish, eggs, or other animal-based foods. For these you just need to be mindful of the source. Our seafood supply also is subjected to toxins like mercury and PCBs and farmed fish are often fed GMO grains. Here is a nice guide to help you choose wisely! As far as eggs go, I feel the jury is still out. I instinctually would say organic is best, but then you stumble upon several articles much like this one quoting a study and lead me to think it might not matter:,8599,2002334,00.html My favorite Michael Pollen quote is "Eat food, mostly plants, not too much"! I'd add..."Know the source" b/c that is very important even when eating whole, fresh foods.
I'm stressing about monday, I still don't have a plan! It's easier for me to stick to a plan, I'm afraid I won't be able to do a good job. I need some ideas on a weight loss plan so I can shop on sunday. Thank you. Loide
Don't stress! Stress hinders weight loss :) Take it slow and try to incorporate new healthy habits one at a time. Remember the basics: whole foods not in a package, reduce the number of times you eat out (and when you do - choose the healthiest option possible) and cook more, keep NutriBlasting daily, nix the dairy and high fat or processed meats, eat multiple colors, only whole grains (gluten-free if you are intolerant), cut out excess sugar and be mindful of your hunger and fullness cues when eating (also called Intuitive Eating). I'd recommend using some accountability app like LoseIt! or My Fitness Pal to jump start your success. Also, check out Whole Foods' Health Starts Here page for some great ideas: Also, Clean Eating has 2 Week Meal Plans that are fairly good... Congratulations Loide!
Once again, thank you, Krista. Maybe I should've said that I need recipes, that's my main concern. I have no idea what to put together, (for NB) to be able to lose weight. My plan is to 2 NB and a healthy dinner. As of right now, I just want to include fish. I only eat salmon, tilapia, tuna (hardly, so expensive for fresh) and sometimes I have cod. I also did some research and know how to buy them: where from and how caught. I forgot to mention that I'm a great cook and cook all the time. I try my best to keep it healthy and we always eat a lot of veggies..just not all But my portion control has been totally off. I don't buy much packaged foods and I can't remember the last time we went out to eat. I'm on a very tight budget, since I lost my job. I'm trying on replacing everything to organic but it's going to take a bit of time. I told my girls, it's better to buy a little less of a GOOD product than buying a lot of the BAD for the same amount of money. They're starting to get annoyed with me now, I keep saying things like, "do you know what kind of junk you're putting into your body?"..or "Wow, look at all that sugar (sodium, cholesterol, etc) In the meantime, I've learned how to safely wash my fruits & vegetables that are not organic (I used to use a little bleach..yuck!). I'm going to try to figure out my menu, once I figure how many calories I should have. Thanks again for all your help, you've been a great support :) Loide
Loide, I've been using MyFitnessPal, and it's been such a huge help! I log EVERYTHING I put into my body. Good luck!
Thank you, I'll look into MyFitnessPal :)
I am doing this 5 day cleanse and started today. I was wondering what to eat after the 5 days so this is very helpful. Thank you!