Day 6: January 12th...Cleansing Your Environment!

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Krista Haynes
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Now that your body is clean, how about your environment?

It’s not Spring, but let’s do some cleaning to ensure you don’t pick up anything from your surroundings! Extra points if you did this before the cleanse started…
- De-clutter your home
- Dust, sweep, wipe, scrub and mop
- Discard any unused items and donate them to someone who would cherish them
- Look at your beauty products…is your lotion loaded with chemicals? How about your make-up? Your skin is a large sponge that soaks up what is applied to it topically too. Consider more natural alternatives!
- Check your plastic containers…if they contain BPA, toss them – or even better, switch them out with glass.
- Toxic conversation is often overlooked. Surround yourself with positive people and avoid those who bring you down.
What are some areas you’ve cleansed other than your body?
I actually started my cleaning before the new year. I wanted a fresh start. I was in great need of a de-clutter but not just my home..but also mind, body and soul too! First I got rid of the toxic relationship I was in for 15 months (after being alone for over 6 years) causing me way too much stress. I renewed my faith and went back to church. I'm trying my best to be more positive and take one day at a time. Laid out new rules for the new year for my girls. I'm now avoiding negative people and anyone that will bring me down. I'm learning new way to cope with stress..which is a lot (I'm a single/divorced mom and laid off from my job). I cleaned out my closet about a month ago and donated everything that I haven't worn in the last 6 months. I started on my garage but haven't finished yet, I have a lot to get rid of. Before I started my cleanse, I cleaned out my refrigerator, pantry and cabinets. I donated about 7 bags of food, everything is almost empty and I'm slowly filling up on healthy foods. I have also got rid of a lot of old containers. I would love to replace them with glass but can't afford at the moment. My plan is to also get better beauty products once I can afford them. I use makeup once in a blue moon, but use daily moisturizer and lip balm (Burt's Bees-the only good thing I have). I'm very motivated and know this will be the best year of my life yet. I've gone through so much in my life but I know I'm a very strong woman. I'm a the saying goes "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" Wishing everyone a good de-cluttering :) Loide
While on the cleanse, it was advised that we not participate in strenuous exericise such as P90X or boot camp due to the relatively small amount of calories we're consuming; I plan to join a boot camp next week. I want to stick to this plan for the most part and would like to know what my meals should look like? Do I introduce more clean protein like free-range, organic chicken, maybe some fish? I've purchased my poultry and beef from a farmer's market and know the local farm from where the product comes...the animals are grass-fed, no GMOs. Can I replace dinner with a NutriBlast?
Excellent plan on the boot camp! Good luck...that stuff is tough :) Yes, you will need more calories and protein... Check out my reply to Loide from Day 5 on some recommendations on how to stick with it! The organic, natural clean animal proteins you listed are great choices. I also encourage you to make some of your meals vegetarian. Use things like beans, legumes, tempeh, nuts, seeds, quinoa, amaranth, and veggies as your main protein source. Maybe follow along with Meatless Mondays! And Yes, if a dinner NutriBlast works best for you then that is perfectly fine. Using a NutriBlast as a meal replacement usually helps reduce overall daily caloric intake.
Beautifully written Loide! You are an amazing woman. This is so inspiring to read. Thank you :) Namaste, Krista
Congratulations Loide....Keep it up!! Thank you.
Thank you, Krista..and thanks for all your support & encouragement. I'm looking forward to my new life style..I'm LOVING it! :) Loide
Thank you, Samiris :)
Awesome ladies! am I the only male who did this cleanse? lol.
Loide, YOU SOUND AMAZING!! ILoide, YOU SOUND AMAZING!! I think you have "cleansed" quite a bit already!! Keep at it, Blast away, and come back here for support.
Liode, you have really inspired me. Despite being in a situation where you are limited financially, you still were able to give to others. Thank you for sharing.
Thank you, jessegirl :)
Thank you, cattlegirl
I'm new. How do I getI'm new. How do I get information regarding a cleanse? I really need it after the holidays! Thank you, MicheleL
The plan and menus are right here in the forum... The basic information can be found here: I then recommend printing out the Basic Cleanse Plan or Super Cleanse Plan and shopping lists so you can decide which one works best for you. Also, browse thru each of the topics/days to see what others were experiencing and any of the FAQs that came up. Have fun and let me know if you have any specific questions not addressed in these forums.
hi Krista, I just purchased ahi Krista, I just purchased a NB and LOVE it! I plan on starting the detox next week. A few questions though. I have a daughter with a sever peanut and tree nut allergy, so: 1. all the blasts that contain almond milkare problematic for me. She enjoys blasts also, so I don't like using these nut products when she's using the same NB (even though I wash it, I'm just sooo cautious with her allergy). Anything I can substitute in place of the almond milk? 2. Anything that calls for nuts - I store nuts at work, since no one in my workplace has an allergy. Do I have to blast the drink with nuts in it, or is it ok to just eat that amount, when I drink the blast. Can't wait to start!
You can absolutely sub in any other liquid. You could do rice milk, water, green tea (chilled), if coconut water is ok then that is tasty as well, or a fresh pressed vegetable or fruit juice. If you are doing the Basic Cleanse, then you can eat the nuts separately (soaking makes them easier to digest if you would like to do that -up to you), however if you are doing the Super Cleanse, then I'd suggest putting in the NutriBlast since it is an all liquid cleanse. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions along the way :)
Krista, Thank you so much forKrista, Thank you so much for the info. MicheleL
thanks for replying, Krista! Glad that I can sub with any other liquid, makes it easy! If I wanted to do the super cleanse, is there anything I can sub in the place of the nuts because I don't want to put them in the NB. Any suggestions?
If you'd like you can do seeds (pumpkin, sesame, sunflower, hemp, or chia) or a little organic silken tofu or avocado (makes a creamy NutriBlast). Also, a few tsp or Tbsp of cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil. These will all provide the healthy fats found in nuts. The seeds and tofu provide protein to help keep you full too.
great, thanks for those alternative options. Just to make sure I get this right, any shake that calls for nuts, do I add all three of those you suggested (seeds, avocado and coconut oil) or just one of the three?
great, thanks for those alternative options. Just to make sure I get this right, any shake that calls for nuts, do I add all three of those you suggested (seeds, avocado and coconut oil) or just one of the three?
Just sub one of them...your choice. If you wanted to be experimental, add another one. The great thing about NutriBlasting is that it is not an exact science. You will learn what ingredients work for you, what you like and what you don't. The options I suggested give you some of the same nutritional properties that you will be missing by leaving out the nuts - healthy fats and some protein along with a few vitamins and minerals.
ok, so I could do the seeds and coconut oil one day, then avocado and coconut oil another day Would seeds, coconut oil and avocado be too much in one drink? Sorry for all the questions, just want to make sure I get it before starting ... Thanks for ALL your help! :)
Yes you can, just be mindful of how much of each you put in the NutriBlast. You don't want to overload it with calories and/or fat. Aim for about 400-500 calories per NutriBlast if you are consuming it as a meal replacement. A website like this one will help you figure out the caloric content of your recipe. You can't really go wrong doria! There is no right or wrong. You'll do just fine :)
perfect! Thanks again! :)