Day 7: January 13th...You Made It!!

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Krista Haynes
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Fun fact: The kidneys filter roughly 50 gallons of blood per day through an intricate series of cleansing tubes. If uncurled and arranged in a straight line, these tubes would stretch 140 miles long! Now that’s some deep cleaning!

Today is the last day! We hope you are feeling wonderful—not only from the exceptional nutrition and physical help you’ve given your body, but also for having
the will and focus to see this Cleanse through!
We hope that this program has inspired you to continue living your healthful lifestyle and wish you optimal wellness for the remainder of this New Year (and well beyond)!
We invite you to share on this forum about your cleanse experiences. How do you feel? What did you love about our Cleanse program? What do you think could be improved? What aspects of the cleanse will you incorporate into your daily life?
Please share with each other, and with us, and remember that although the New Year has passed, this program is here for you whenever you feel your body could use some relief.
Take care!
NutriBullet RD
While on the cleanse, it was advised that we not participate in strenuous exericise such as P90X or boot camp due to the relatively small amount of calories we're consuming; I plan to join a boot camp next week. I want to stick to this plan for the most part and would like to know what my meals should look like? Do I introduce more clean protein like free-range, organic chicken, maybe some fish? I've purchased my poultry and beef from a farmer's market and know the local farm from where the product comes...the animals are grass-fed, no GMOs. Can I replace dinner with a NutriBlast?
Just answered this on the Day 6 post :) Let me know if you have any other questions.
Thank you Krista for all your insight, support and educated words! You helped so much! I did not make it officially through the entire 7 days, but still feel good about the experience. The scale says I am down 7 pounds and that is the impetus I need to continue to Blast into 2013! Personally I felt the vegetable Blasts were almost inedible and could not bring myself to consume them the last two days. I went to bed hungry, rather than eat them! The butternut squash soup was a godsend and I looked forward to it like Christmas! Working part of the day in the cold outdoors makes me crave something hot and this really helped. The other soups were "OK", but SO bland. The fruit-based Blasts were excellent. When we do a super cleanse again I would ask that they be an alternative to the veggie blasts, if not the main type of Blasts daily. All in all, I was very encouraged by the week, even if I was a slacker on the last day. Again, thank you Krista!
It is my pleasure! I'm so happy for your successes and the positive changes you made. It takes some time for taste buds to change and I agree, all-veggie Blasts sometimes aren't as fun or delicious as the sweeter fruit-based ones - but they are so detoxifying and good for you. The NutriBlasts on the Basic Cleanse were more fruit-focused to help ease into it. Moving forward and blasting daily...I suggest slowly subbing in more vegetables in place of the fruits. Over time, you may grow to like them and the way they make you feel. It's not a race - go at your own pace. And yes I know...The butternut squash soup IS amazing :) We'll work on some other tasty ones for next time. You are no "slacker" :) Think about what you gained. You stuck to it for longer than most. Congratulations cattlegirl!
Krista just wanted to let you know that I was only on it for 3 days because of the vit k problem, but i had lost 6 lbs in those three days and lost an additional pound so 7 for the week, I feel more energized and have stayed away from sweets etc. My daughter is going to try it this week.
Today is my day seven and I feel great. Other than a handful of almonds and some hemp seeds on day five I was able to stick to the plan. Its weird how my taste for the torture blasts of day one and two have changed and actually can drink the all vegetable blasts with artichoke, beets etc! Can definitely see and feel the difference in my hair and skin which is weird because I am male and never even cared or bothered to pay attention but can't help but notice now. My weight has dropped and I feel like I have zero body fat. Hopefully I don't relapse before my last dinner blast! Lol.
Funny how our taste buds change so fast isn't it? And I wanted to say it was nice to have a guy in this with us...and to see that your hair and skin are vibrant too is an added bonus ;) Congratulations on completing the cleanse and starting 2013 off on the right health track. Please stay in touch with us on NutriLiving. Hopefully we'll plan more fun activities in the future.
Awesome patti! Let us know how it goes with your daughter.
I started the cleanse this week but got sidetracked by an event today at work. Is it ok to pick up day 3 tomorrow and continue on or should I start at day 1 again? I don't have a good solid 7 days in the next couple of months where there would be no outside activities to sidetrack me but I really want to try this.
Sure thing; pick back up where you left off! If you can do anywhere from 3-5 days in a row, that would be great. Seven is solid, but I understand the difficulty. Hopefully you stuck with some healthy options at your event :) so as not to derail you entirely! A big steak or pizza in the middle of a cleanse somewhat defeats the purpose.
Thanks for the reply Krista. No I did very well, better than I thought I would. Got right back to last night for dinner.
I, too, was surprised at how my taste buds changed. I have not craved sweets at all and don't miss sugar. If I get a small hankering for it then I might have a teaspoon of raw honey but I haven't had any since I've been off of the cleanse. I also haven't had a lot of meat because I'm not really craving it that much--I did have salmon and some baked chicken this week but they were very small portions. My meals mostly consist of veggies and whole grain such as quinoa. My plan was to have breakfast and lunch meals and then replace dinner with a NutriBlast but I find myself really hungry in the evening so I haven't tried the replacement juice yet. Krista: I haven't been snacking throughout the day and am wondering if I should incorporate small snacks so that I'm not famished come dinner time.
That's awesome Monica:) how does that quinoa taste and where can you buy it?
If you find yourself overly hungry in the evening, it could be that... A) you are not feeding yourself enough during the daytime and should incorporate light snacks between meals. I usually say don't go longer than 3-5 hours depending on the previous meal without something to help keep your blood sugar levels balanced. Maybe a low cal short cup NutriBlast ;) Or B) you are feeling this way and/or are overeating at night out of habit or boredom...what I call emotional eating (and emotional eating is not necessarily bad we just have to realize it as that and determine if we are actually hungry or eat b/c we think it is time to eat or can't figure out what else to do!). If this is emotional eating, then determine your trigger. I can go more into that if needed... Try that first. If you want to incorporate a NutriBlast into your meal plan, but feel dinner isn't the right time for you...try breakfast or lunch!