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I just bought the nutribullet and have tried it 3 times now following the ingredients and recipes word for word. All three recipes have tasted disgusting. I thought I was putting too much spinach in the first one so when I made the second one i didn't add as much and I still had to spit it out.
Any suggestions
maybe you just need to readjust your attitude?? its definitely a mind set if you are trying to change and improve your life ...are you adding a banana...? they certainly can mask any green flavor you find disagreeable..
Squirt some lemon in what you are blasting. Lemon masks bitter
don't expect the Nutribullet to be a magic device that churns out a tasty smoothie. As with all recipes it depends on what you put into the recipe as to whether or not it is tasty. Experiment a little. I have made some smoothies that gagged me but I still drank it because of the nutritional value. Next time I added a little less greens and added more fruit. You can make a smoothie that tastes somewhat like a V-8 juice only nastier or you can make one that is really tasty. I'm sure even Campbell's Soup Company had to experiment with their recipes in order to make them palatable otherwise no one would buy their products. Refine your recipe until you find something you like.
Have you tried blasting a big Mac, large fries, and vanilla shake? I hear they are pretty good. For additional nutrition wave a piece of lettuce over it.


You could blast fruits and veggies you like.
Thanks for the warning, I'm new at this.